Saadet Party MP: "Do not close the Ulucanlar Hospital"

Saadet Party MP: "Do not close the Ulucanlar Hospital"
Date: 15.8.2023 13:00

Ulucanlar Hospital, which was planned to be closed after the opening of the Etlik City Hospital in September, but which the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca promised not to close by saying, "We have no hospital to close," is now counting its last days.

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In Ankara, Ulucanlar Eye Hospital, which is one of the two training and research hospitals serving in the field of eye health, allegedly performed the last operations and started the relocation process.
The closure of the hospital, where nearly a thousand surgeries are performed per month, is also on the agenda of the Parliament.
Saadet Party Ankara Deputy Mesut Doğan stated in his written statement on the subject that the decision would make it difficult to access health services.
While our country encounters new problems in the field of health services, decisions that make it difficult to access these services are persistently put into practice.
Reminding the statement of Minister of Health Koca, Doğan stated that Ulucanlar Hospital was pacified and forced to be closed.
Emphasizing that Ulucanlar is a well-established institution of 67 years, where approximately 23 thousand patients are treated per month, Doğan said, "Ulucanlar wants to be closed for the sake of patient guarantee. First of all, trying to gather all hospitals in the same center by citing the city hospitals as a reason causes grievances in terms of the right to access health services. Considering the patient profile of Ulucanlar Eye Hospital; The closure of this hospital, which especially the low-income group has access to, will increase the victimization coefficient."


Saadet Party Ankara Deputy Mesut Doğan stated that it will affect the quality of access to healthcare services due to difficulties such as the difficulty of accessing the city hospital, the traffic problem, and the density of the hospitals.
"Persisting in this decision is nothing but turning away from the expectations and problems of the citizens. The news in some media outlets showed that the last operations were performed at the hospital in the past days and the hospital staff were sent to other institutions and the promises made about the hospital were forgotten. Subcontracted workers working in the hospital are also left alone with the danger of being unemployed in these economic difficulties," Doğan said.
Underlining that the promises made should not be forgotten, Doğan stated that the decision was wrong and should be abandoned.
"This wrong decision about Ulucanlar Eye Training and Research Hospital, which is one of the most important training and research hospitals and has a long history and experience, should be stopped as soon as possible in order not to restrict access to health care services. We would like to remind the Minister of Health, Fahrettin Koca, once again, that this decision, which will make our citizens suffer, should be abandoned. Don't let your word be on the ground, don't let Ulucanlar be closed!" Doğan added.


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