Saadet Party pays visits to mukhtars in Buca

Saadet Party pays visits to mukhtars in Buca
Date: 20.1.2022 09:30

Saadet Party Buca District President Muhsin Temur, District Officer Selçuk Kavuşan and the accompanying delegation are visiting the mukhtars.

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Felicity (Saadet) Party members, who visit four neighborhoods in a week as mukhtar commission members, receive information about the problems, demands and deficiencies of the mukhtars. The mukhtars, who inform the party officials about their activities, also convey the troubles of their own regions. The mukhtars, who thanked the Saadet Party delegation for their support and contribution to the solution of the problems, expressed their satisfaction with the visit. 


Saadet Party Buca District President Muhsin Temur, who made a statement about the mukhtar visits, said, "We regularly visit our mukhtars who know our citizens best and have a good grasp of their problems, file the issues that are reported as regional problems, and convey their demands to the relevant authorities. In these days when we are going through hard times economically, we are trying to support our mukhtars who have an important role in identifying the orphans, the disabled, the needy or the elderly and the realization of aid.” 


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