Saadet Party will be the spokesperson of the citizens in the Parliament

Saadet Party will be the spokesperson of the citizens in the Parliament
Date: 25.9.2023 11:00

Saadet Party, which carries out its activities without getting caught up in the debates in the opposition wing after the elections, continues its field work before the local elections.

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Deputies from the Saadet Party, which has become an active force in the Parliament with the group established together with the Future (Gelecek) Party, continue to meet with citizens and listen to their problems within the scope of the "Nation-Deputy Meetings" initiated before the new legislative period.
Deputies will analyze the situation in the provinces before the local elections through studies such as going to all over Turkey, NGO and media meetings, and visiting opinion leaders, and will report the problems and submit them to the headquarters.
While there are about 7 months left until the local elections, Saadet Party is at the top of the political parties active in the field.
Deputies of Saadet Party, who keep their finger on the pulse of the citizens who are overwhelmed by agendas such as the economic crisis and the housing crisis, will be the spokespeople of the citizens by bringing the problems to the agenda of the Parliament.


The 'Nation-Deputy Meetings' program organized by Saadet Party Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Public Relations Directorate continues at full speed.
Deputies, who have visited many provinces and districts across the country so far, are meeting with local media members, opinion leaders and non-governmental organizations.
In these programs, MPs listen to the problems of the visited province and its districts and write a report on the problems. While there are only 7 months left until the local elections, the reports prepared are of great importance for the candidate selection processes and the strategy that the party will implement in the province and district.
In the report prepared by the MPs; While the problems of the cities and districts visited vary, the performances of local municipalities are also put under the spotlight.
Problems such as corruption, lack of transparency in tenders, and transfer of resources to wrong investments come to the fore.
Saadet Party will be the spokesperson of the citizens in the parliament
Deputies from Saadet Party, who survived the debates within the opposition bloc after the elections and continued on their way, went to the field throughout the country within the scope of nation-deputy meetings.
Deputies go to all over Turkey and listen to the problems experienced by citizens who have lost their purchasing power due to the price increase policies implemented by the government.
Deputies, who listen to the economic crisis and problems such as housing, health, education, agriculture and transportation that arise due to the crisis, will fulfill the duty of citizens' spokespersons in the Parliament.


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