Saadet Party's new headquarters campaign continues

Saadet Partys new headquarters campaign continues
Date: 25.9.2019 11:00

Felicity (Saadet) Party's new headquarters building campaign continues in full swing.

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The Saadet Party, which counts days for the new headquarters building without any help from the state treasury, continues to collect donations with the support of citizens and party members. 
The party is planning to finish the interior furnishing of the building soon with the new campaign called 'If you be with us, it will be'. With the completion of the deficiencies, the new headquarters of the Felicity Party is expected to open in late November.
The building of the National Vision Movement in Ankara's Balgat district, which has been used as the center of politics for nearly 35 years, was evacuated in a hurry in the spring. Decisions taken out before the eyes of Turkey after all the materials in the building, could not be moved to tears across the landscape while hundreds of citizens from the front of the party. After the evacuation process, the Saadet Party administration has taken up the arms and soon bought a new headquarters in one of the most popular districts of Ankara. Costs of the new building, which cost millions of pounds, are being paid with donations from party members and citizens. For the rest of the money, a significant portion of which has been collected so far, the Saadet Party has announced a new campaign.
Providing information to our newspaper about the new campaign, Felicity Party Vice President Mesut Doğan underlined that all the plans and projects related to the new Felicity Party's new headquarters were completed and said, "Our organizations are excited for our new headquarters. Some of them donate their apartments, some of them support the paint spot. In terms of cash benefits, we are experiencing moments that will touch us. Some of our kids are sending their piggy banks. Our women are sending rings, earrings. To date, the amount of cash aid received at our new headquarters has reached 9 million 733 thousand. All of these aids have been in return for receipts. And the political party is determined by law. Hopefully, when we started this work, we set the limit to 20 million. Rough construction, etc. related to the interior of the building. over. Fine operations in progress. We want to move to our new headquarters at the end of November. Of course, the completion of this construction and work depends on the assistance to be made."


Underlining that the Felicity Party's headquarters building has a feature, Doğan, "It was not only on the agenda of our organization, it was on the agenda of the whole country. There are interesting situations here. The Felicity Party's new headquarters has received support and assistance from all walks of life without exception. He has support from his leftist, his rightist, everyone. In fact, this means that; we not only need the Felicity Party of Turkey's Felicity Party. 'This increases the excitement of the Felicity Party. We know that. On the other hand, the number of people who have financial support in the Felicity Party New Headquarters Building will probably be 40,000. This may be the world record. You are building a service building and the number of people who say ım Let me contribute buna is 40 thousand people. I do not know a building that's been done with the contribution of many people in Turkey?" he said.


"There is no 1 cent state money at the headquarters of the Felicity Party, Doğan said. 
"Because we do not receive treasury support from the state. The Felicity Party's new headquarters is an event that will be the subject of the thesis. The greatest increase polarization in Turkey's history that appeared to support the people from the headquarters of many parties in the period. Felicity Party and ointment against this disease polarization in Turkey. Do you know why every party comes with support; because everyone knows that the Felicity Party is needed. Which building has the signature of 40 thousand people at the deed. Our new headquarters will cost Turkey. There are those who sent us a day's allowance. Everyone has serious support for this campaign. It is the only headquarters built without the support of the state treasury."


The campaign can be donated online via via credit card, wire transfer / EFT and SMS. The site also includes the Felicity Party bank account numbers for donations.


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