Saadet Youth protests demolishing Kaz Mountains

Saadet Youth protests demolishing Kaz Mountains
Date: 9.8.2019 12:00

The Felicity (Saadet) Party Istanbul Provincial Youth Branches protested in front of the Canadian Consulate General over the massacre of nature caused by the exploration of gold mines in the Kaz Mountains in Çanakkale.

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The Felicity Party Istanbul Provincial Youth Branches gathered in front of the Consulate General building in Levent, Istanbul. 
Yasin Kalaycı, Chairman of the Provincial Youth Branch, protested Alamos Gold, one of the main actors in the massacre of 195 thousand trees in the Kaz Mountains. 
Following the press release, the members of the youth branches shouted the motto "We do not let a single sphere of homeland to be touched.' While the President of the Youth Branches Kalaycı left the three pine seedlings they brought with them in front of the consulate.


Kalaycı said, "First of all, if we need to talk about Kaz Mountains, this region is of great importance with its underground and surface richness. There are gold reserves underground and the second most important oxygen depot in the world. Unfortunately, however, the imperialist companies and the collaborating executives who allowed them to enter and exit from underneath and plundered our national wealth. Erbakan remembered our teacher, ‘The earth is slipping under our feet’ and we see that unfortunately he was right again. God Almighty, this geography, this paradise, the golden-top of the land is equipped with blessings. The most precious metals in the world are in this geography. Gold, boron, uranium and mineral reserves that are countless and the most valuable surface beauties of the world are again in this geography. The most obvious example is the Kaz Mountains, the second oxygen store of the world after the Alps, but for the benefit of a few happy minorities and imperialist companies, our mines were presented to the endless appetite of imperialist companies. Our trees have been standing for hundreds of years for the sake of rent. Not only in the Kaz Mountains, Erzincan to Antalya, Aydın to Artvin, our mines, unfortunately, again attracted to certain imperialist companies," he said.


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