Sadrettin Karaduman: "Effects of coronavirus"

Sadrettin Karaduman: "Effects of coronavirus"
Date: 20.3.2020 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Sadrettin Karaduman writes on coronavirus. Here is the full article.

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The number of cases in the world has exceeded 200000. The number of people dying is around 8500. These are the consequences of the coronavirus.
Coronavirus is now in Turkey. Our country was completely silent. Meanwhile, the second death occurred. Everyone is locked in their homes. No more using public transport as before. Fortunately, our community cares about hand washing. About ten years ago, we had success in this regard due to swine flu. Now, our nation seems to be successful among the nations of the world.
It is also said that it was the USA that caused this problem to the world. According to these viewers, this is a biological attack. Viruses are also laboratory products.
This is not an issue to be forbidden at all. It is possible to have this opinion by looking at the countries where the coronavirus is widely available. Whether it is biological or psychological. Even if this is something that is meant to be expressed in this way, it helps it reach the desired goal. Therefore, one should be careful.
"Who pays attention to hygiene the most?" Of course, our answer to a question is “Muslims”. In addition, washing the arm with elbows while taking ablution and ablution is a feature our religion has placed on us.
It is equally important to grasp and apply the importance of the principle of “Allah loves ones who get cleaned”. In fiqh books, it is not in vain to say that bidet should be handled before the prayer bet.
In Rome, there is no water in the toilets where the Vatican's headquarters are located. Because they are not cleaned with water. Likewise, others do not have water. This issue is primarily a matter of faith.
Fortunately, the nation we belong to is the Islamic nation. As they wash their hands before and after each meal, they also receive prayer ablutions. It is not only hand-washed in ablution; Other limbs are also washed.
"Fear" can be answered to a question of what the coronavirus has had the most impact on. It is also very thought-provoking that European countries are most affected after coronavirus after China!


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