Sadrettin Karaduman: "How did Israel exist?"

Sadrettin Karaduman: "How did Israel exist?"
Date: 24.7.2020 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Sadrettin Karaduman writes on Israel. Here is the full article.

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World Zionism has achieved its current position by cooperating with imperialists. The Israelites, who established a state within the geographical boundaries drawn by the war winners, guaranteed that they would stand by the imperialists in return. They applied it both for the sake of their own interests and in line with imperialist goals.
The Israeli administration, which was addressed by a man named Mahmoud Abbas while Arafat was still alive, wanted to prevent the “Intifada” events. Arafat knew the conjuncture of the Middle East well. He saw gray lines in his black and white areas and walked from here. But did Abbas manage to do that, and that's doubtful.
The wave formed by the Al-Aqsa intifada and the course it followed has managed to align Israel and the elite elite politicians. In this case, there were two options before Yasser Arafat and the team with whom they were acting together. Arafat was still trying to follow balance politics at that time.
Israel faced a complete deadlock against the Intifada. With the Likud administration in Israel, the New Conservatives in the US and their desire to benefit from the environment after September 11 are obvious. Israel's attack on Syria before the war should not be evaluated independently of the cadre formed in the USA.
Also, using Palestinian issues as a trump card inside; For this reason, the traditional policies of the regimes that stepped back to the Palestinians against Israel had come to an end.
As a result, it can be said that; The most rational solution is to hold a referendum in places occupied in 1948 and 1967 and a vote in which those who lived in those regions will participate.
Israel, with its current stance, seems to be the biggest obstacle to peace.


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