Sadrettin Karaduman: "S-400's availability delayed in Turkey"

Sadrettin Karaduman: "S-400s availability delayed in Turkey"
Date: 23.10.2020 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Sadrettin Karaduman writes on S-400 missile system. Here is the full article.

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So, news was expected from the global system. In fact, it has always been like this. However, this government has managed to hide this issue with perception operations. This government has always been doing the same thing since it came to power.
Our nation, which has been subjected to perception operations every time, is thankfully awakened this time. Perception does not affect this nation anymore.
Hopefully, we can make missiles similar to S-400 ourselves and use them in Saadet's power without needing others.
These missiles have only recently been tested in the Black Sea. Whatever the reason, the activation of these missiles should not have been delayed.
Since these missiles are for defense purposes, why is there anybody who has a common view in NATO and who asks the supposedly huge countries to account for this?
It is Russian made with the S-400. Russia is what the USA is. It is known that buying weapons from the Russians is not a solution in the medium and long term. Russia is the twin brother of the USA. It is known
Therefore, we should prefer the local. But if it is, then time should be taken into consideration.


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