Sadrettin Karaduman: "What do the sanctions mean?"

Sadrettin Karaduman: "What do the sanctions mean?"
Date: 25.12.2020 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Sadrettin Karaduman writes on sanctions imposed on Turkey. Here is the full article.

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Is the sanctions about Turkey? This is one of the most curious questions to answer.
The sanction decision of the US administration is undoubtedly; not limited to Turkey. In other words, in the sanctions decision taken by the USA, there is India, which also purchased S-400 missiles from Russia.
Two important countries. Both are global actors of the future. Both countries are included in the project led by the UK that will connect the countries of the world.
Even these two features make it necessary for these countries to take a share from the US sanctions. As can be seen, the real reason for the US sanctions is not the S-400s purchased from Russia, as it is thought. Here is the real reason. Being in a project that the USA does not lead ...
These sanctions are quite a few seem to hurt Turkey's head. If Turkey will continue to do depending on the way the US did to break away from this country. This is the decision of the rulers of the country. Although both resolutions do not aim for full independence, there is the United States on the one hand. Continuing to be an addict of the USA means the continuation of the worn out relations of this country.
The other may be just standing, but both are the same thing. I guess it will not be the last time the fight with the USA. This means putting off problems.
Postponed matters are no different from the dirt accumulated under the carpet.


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