Sadrettin Karaduman: "Why NATO exists?"

Sadrettin Karaduman: "Why NATO exists?"
Date: 13.12.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Sadrettin Karaduman writes on NATO. Here is the full article.

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First, we want to remind you: 
Year 1990... 
Location: Scotland. Margaret Thacher (British Prime Minister of the time). Again, a NATO meeting... The new period has started with Thatcher's call the participants: "The Soviet Union was destroyed. There are no enemies. But it cannot live without a hostile ideology. We need to find a new enemy. No need to look for enemies; Our new enemy is Islam." 
That is when the current order / New World Order (YDD) was established. And now it's fossilled. About to fall...
19 years have passed. The meeting was held in London this time. In the same country. In the NATO final declaration published; "Terrorism continues to be a threat to all of us with all its manifestations." But despite the fact that Turkey is a NATO member, it continues to hit both by our allies on terror. This is a manifestation of contradictions...
I think the most authentic assessment of NATO was made by French President Emanuel Macron before the summit. Macron said, "NATO's brain death took place."
In our opinion, these words were as important as those spent in Thatcher's speech on NATO in 1990. Just as the words of the female prime minister of Britain have been decisive in the formation of a unipolar world, the words of the President of France will be decisive in the end of this system.
For a long time, we have argued that the US will collapse and the institutions of which these countries are the founder or members of them will fall apart, and that capitalism will be destroyed just like communism. That's what's going on in its footsteps.
Now, it's time to shake up and revive. Our job is not only to make due diligence. If we don't prepare something for the collapsed system, the current order will probably be heated and put back in front of us.
Here, we must not allow this. The current order did not make people happy. Of course, if we say it should change, we should prepare the replacement. Here the duty falls to everyone.
NATO did not solve the problems of the world and our nation. It is also clear why it was founded and to whom it served. No more distraction; while their acts are clear and the public is ready to react...


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