Şakir Tarım: "Alienation syndrome in education"

Şakir Tarım: "Alienation syndrome in education"
Date: 10.9.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Şakir Tarım writes on Turkey's educational system. Here is the full article.

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The new school year has begun. Good luck! On this occasion, let us focus on the functionality of education. Consider the productivity of education. Let us investigate the reality that schools which have become institutions that only offer diplomas. Let's contribute to a healthy foundation of education. 
Let's examine the status of our sons who graduated from high school by giving 12 years of labor: There are those who cannot write their name, who are not aware of 4 transactions, and who cannot speak only about the explanation of a maxim. How do you explain 10 thousands of students withdrawing unda zero unda after each general exam? Either those who pollute the public places and those who turn the place they use in the picnic area into a dumpster... I don't want to enter the state of public toilets.
All those who did the above are people who have passed through this country's schools. Shouldn't a system of education that cannot give a clean, organized, disciplined life behavior should be reviewed?
Can schools give the student a taste of literature, art and aesthetics? To what extent are students' interest in books other than textbooks? Shouldn't a teenager who has 12 years education live a life intertwined with books and renew himself every day? Even though he graduated from high school, the number of people who escaped from the book was so high!
Does the university's ability to think, research and question develop from escaping from reading? What opens the horizon; nor can review, research! We always lag behind the people of science in the labs in the morning. How pathetic it is to form ayan unread ”members of a religion whose first command is“ read!!
After seeing these landscapes, "What is this situation?" First of all, our people should be taught that he cannot escape from himself, his belief, his history, his essence. The biggest task in this regard is the Ministry of National Education and universities. They should review the purpose for which they raise people! In this regard, they can benefit from ÖĞDER, which has a clear stance on “nationality” and “indigenousness..
Our post-Ottoman people are in a serious dilemma. On the one hand, the issues that makes us; our belief, our history, our essence, our origin; on the other side a foreign lifestyle imposed by Western influence. Society stayed in a stream. Can a human be taken to such a render? Which one to choose? Is it his own; The Western way of life imposed by collaborators?
After the Ottoman Empire, John Dewey, a Jewish philosopher and a US citizen, shaped our education with his reports.
After 1950, he was entrusted with the Fulbright Education Commission. Four members of the Commission from Turkey, and the other four was an American... US Embassy in dispute arbitrator in the position...
Foreign influence in the curricula is clear… German Pastor Martin Luter is shown as educator; Newtonian, Einstein-like people of Jewish origin are used as examples. Austrian Freud is regarded as authority in biology and Emile Durkheim in sociology. Darwin, the proprietor of the unproven theory, is condemning to disrupt our belief in creation.
German woman researcher Sigrid Hunke's work, translated into Turkish as the Islamic Sun on Europe, proves how Islamic scholars lead the West.
Do you pay attention to the point that Turkey brought the admiration of foreign EDUCATION? Ghazali, Mevlana, Ibn Khaldun, Aksemsettin, Molla Gurani, Ibrahim Hakki from Erzurum, Ali Kuscu, Ibn Sina, unaware of hundreds of scientists and contemplative men unfortunately are moving away from their own values ​​and identity. This course is a great danger for the future of Turkey! There is an obligation to return to our national identity without delay.
For this reason, we have to make our children like to read, to study, to gain curiosity for research. Nothing happens without reading it. 'Reading is to fly to freedom', says Alija Izetbegovic. 'If possible, I would plant books as if it were wheat', Horace says.
Our Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) first raised his companions in Ashâb-ı Suffa; the owner of science; then he began to conquer by sending series; won victories.
Saladin had 300,000 troops in his hands. Jerusalem was occupied. First, he educated his people and his army with the “reading campaign”. He conquered Jerusalem with educated people.
The society that reads books knows what to do. Resistant to foreign influences. Does not spoil the original; retains its essence. He succeeds to remain national and indigenous.
Society away from the book does not know the responsibility. They wastes their most precious time on vacant jobs. They cannot escape the clutches of the imperialists. The book should be embraced; we must knead with the book.
We will read, we will proceed with science and art. Fethi Gemuhluoğlu tells: ' Art began with alienation in our country; abroad will be opened with art again; We will stand up with art'.
Our education system, which does not like reading, does not speak of its success!


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