Şakir Tarım: "Chinese harassment to East Turkistan"

Şakir Tarım: "Chinese harassment to East Turkistan"
Date: 29.9.2020 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Şakir Tarım writes on East Turkistan! Here is the full article.

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Are you aware of what extent the cruelty inflicted on East Turkistan has reached? The Chinese administration has brought the scale of the persecution to the point of encroaching on privacy. Chinese officials called "cousins" are forced into the homes of our Turkestan brothers. They ignore human rights. Intrusions extended into families' bedrooms. In the homes of lonely women whose husbands and children were taken to concentration camps, the Chinese people with civil servant status started to spend the night.
The world should not stand by the "creepy" persecution. Especially the Islamic world… The faith and hearts of their brothers do not stand by to watch this persecution. I read the following fiqh decree in Hasan al-Banna's "Treatises": "If a Muslim woman in the West is raped, it is obligatory for Muslims in the East to save that woman, even at the expense of all their wealth." Yes, it is extremely important to protect the honor and dignity of Muslims.
The Islamic world needs serious empathy. Can you imagine that this scene happened to us? in the case of the brother of the Islamic world, Turkey can not remain indifferent to this chilling sight. You know, Muslims were brothers? We had a duty to fix the problems of our brothers. Where do we put the measure "Muslim does not leave his brother without help, does not hand him over to the enemy". (Bukhari)
The persecution of East Turkistan for years has reached an unbearable point. The Chinese administration is uncomfortable with the "Islamic identity" of East Turkistan. Islam is their target. For this reason, speaking of God in homes; Giving the salutation taught by Islam; They do not want worship such as beard, veiling and prayer to be performed.
EAST Turkistan is located in the central part of the Asian continent and the Central Asian region. Neighbor of countries such as China, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan… The longest border neighbor is China! The problem is always with the Chinese. It has a territorial integrity of 1.6 million square kilometers. One third is desert! It contains rich underground resources and agricultural areas. Although not clear, its population is around 40 million.
Its history goes back to the 6th century. Initially they belonged to Buddhism and Manichaeism. They chose Islam in the 14th century. 8-9. In the centuries, they developed good relations with the Karluks and the Karakhanids. From the 9th century, they established political and cultural relations with the Chinese Empire. After 1759, they struggled with the uprisings. They gained their independence in 1863.
East Turkistan was occupied politically and economically by the People's Republic of China in 1949. It came under the control of China. It began to fund the growing Chinese administration. Increasing problems started in this period. China could not digest East Turkistan's Muslim identity. He sought remedies to assimilate the country and remove it from its identity.
China has started a policy of cultural uniformization in East Turkistan since 1960. It lowered the birth rate. He used contraceptive apparatus. He controlled the population. Chinese population settled. It put restrictions on the Islamic lives of the Uyghurs.
The Chinese persecution has intensified in recent years. Physical and psychological attacks did not slow down. While previously interventions were made from the outside, now it has reached the interior of the houses. Private life was ignored.
As I learn about the persecution inflicted on our brothers from Eastern Turkestan, the memoirs of the late Ahmet Davudoğlu, an indomitable defender of the understanding of circumcision, the late Ahmet Davudoğlu, who was one of the last Ottoman scholars, comes to my mind, "Death was Better", which tells about the atrocities he suffered in Bulgarian prisons. What has been done to our brothers from Turkistan is unbearable. China has assigned more than 1 million female and male civil servants to be guests in the homes of East Turkestan families.
The Chinese are forcing them to abide by their rules for cultural assimilation. Officers give grades to families. Those who break the rules are sent to family camps. It is forbidden to even say "Greetings" in homes.
Books and films that reflect their own culture in homes are also among the prohibitions. They are directed to books associated with the Communist Party of China. "Uyghur Human Rights Foundation" operating in the Netherlands made the following statement: "According to the information we received, male civil servants are sent to the homes of women whose husbands and boys are detained. Women who live alone are being harassed and raped."
When will Islamic countries claim their own problems? When it comes to them? It is obvious that we cannot be enough alone. Do we not see what is happening in the world? Communities with the same beliefs form “unions”, become stronger and institutionalized. What about the Islamic world! Will they not make an effort to create regional and universal power?
Under the leadership of Turkey should take charge of the future of the Islamic world. They must become "active agents" in the world. We do not benefit from anyone else. D-8's should be put into action. Now it should be seen that establishing the "Islamic Union" is a "must".


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