Şakir Tarım: "Early election scenarios"

Şakir Tarım: "Early election scenarios"
Date: 20.10.2020 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Şakir Tarım writes on elections! Here is the full article.

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Bismillâhirrahmânirrahîm; We are a nation that likes to choose. However, "deputies" are entrusted by the nation to those they see fit to govern the country for a certain period of time. The authority given by the people is like a contract. Political parties should use this authority within the time given to them by the public. The mind-blowing wants to choose; There can be no stability in a country where those who can afford to make an election decision and play with election laws.
Again, some opposition parties started voicing their demands for early elections. But we've seen this scene before. AKP and MHP had taken the decision of the early elections of June 24, 2018, taking into account their interests.
Remember what happened months before the elections! We witnessed humiliating clashes between Erdoğan and Bahçeli. For Bahçeli Erdoğan, citing his attitude in the solution process as an example, “Every son of a country in this country becomes a president; Erdogan cannot be the only one, ”he ripped his dagger. Erdogan said to Bahçeli, "Skull man fed by blood"; He replied with expressions such as "no offspring". Bahçeli carried the discussion further by saying, "If I don't ask for an account, I am dishonorable."
Later, some members of the MHP from the organization resigned from the party. They entered the process of forming a new party. MHP also fell into a difficult situation. This development made the MHP and AKP in a difficult situation dependent on each other. They even formed the People's Alliance together. They arranged the election law as they wished. They enacted the principles of the alliance. They entered the elections together. It was as if they were not the ones who spoke those heavy words to each other.
Remember! Before the June 24 election decision was taken, "early elections" were being played. Erdogan and Bahçeli were "strongly" opposed to the early election attempt on the grounds that it was "unconstitutional". No matter what wisdom, Bahçeli, before long, voiced the need for early elections. They met with Erdogan and made an election decision in the first meeting. 2018 elections were held in this atmosphere.
Today, some opposition parties are voicing "early elections". The lead actor is Bahçeli again! At the Assembly Group Meeting on October 13th, he lashed out at those who demanded elections: “The request for early elections is order and delirium. There is a scale, there is a scale; "There is a time for everything."
However, lawyers believe that if Erdogan expires, he will not be elected for the third time. Article 116 of the Constitution; It imposes the provision that "if the TGNA decides on early elections, the president may enter the elections again". It is up to the Turkish Parliament to make an early election decision! In order for Erdogan to be reelected, it is a technical obligation for the Turkish Grand National Assembly to decide on early elections.
Politicians should be more cautious. Bahceli earlier, "the president can not be a single Erdogan in Turkey" by the word; There is a stark contrast between today's announcement 3 years ago that "Presidential candidates are Erdogan." Or is this a tactic? Davutoğlu explained: "If Bahçeli says there is no early election, there is an election." Erdogan's opinion is as follows: "What early election? Are we a tribal state? The ballot box is in June 2023. "
What has happened makes us think that Erdogan's candidacy for president for the third time, AKP's majority in the parliament and tactics are continuing to issue early elections. It is as if the government is "secretly" pulling the opposition into the early election rhetoric. The government also gives the impression that it is determined that the election will be held in 2023.
Another factor is the numerical status of the Turkish Grand National Assembly! Now there are 586 deputies in the Parliament. 26 deputies are waiting for the conclusion of their summary. If at least 16 of them lose their seats in parliament, by-elections are required. Because Article 78 of the Constitution stipulates "midterm elections within 3 months" in cases where the number of vacant memberships in the TGNA reaches 5 percent of the total number of members.
The Constitution stipulates that 30 months pass after the general election for the midterm elections. One year before the general election, by-elections cannot be held. Months past the June 30 elections through 2018, if the number drops to 570 members in Parliament are waiting for a by-election in Turkey. If the Assembly; Early elections are already on the agenda, let's not make two elections, the elections can be renewed.
Timely elections depend on the strong stance of the opposition! We are faced with a very thin account. If the opposition is "determined" in their discourse, they should not fall into the trap of the People's Alliance in this process. There is something more important than that: the government and the opposition reach a "compromise" maturity that can negotiate events together.


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