Sakir Tarim: "How safe is the Safe Zone?"

Sakir Tarim: "How safe is the Safe Zone?"
Date: 20.8.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Şakir Tarim writes about 'Safe Zone' between Turkey-Syria border. Here is the full article.

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In recent months, Turkey and the West, speak the establishment of a safe zone where terrorists effectively on the border with northern Syria. It remains unclear who will control this area. Turkey and the US's togetherness over process execution, creating worries that bring new crises...
Don't forget this place! Abdullah Ocalan was the first to use the word “safe zone” in 2013. He said that his aim was to create a confederation in Syria. The fact that the imprisoned terrorist makes such a statement suggests that Ocalan is not alone and that he has received a signal from somewhere.
Turkey has agreed with the US to create a safe zone together. For this purpose, the preparation of a “safe zone  with a width of 32-40 km was started for the 500 km area in Northern Syria. The President said that “We are taking a step with the US for the east of the Euphrates”.
After the announcement, a US military delegation visited the General Staff. The delegation then came to Sanliurfa and started preparations for the safe zone. I see the lack of diplomatic contact with the Syrian administration for the safe zone as a shortcoming.
Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar also conducted investigations in Sanliurfa with the force commanders. Mr. Akar made some statements that would eliminate some concerns:” We have some activities separate from the US. Plans B and C are ready. We have taken measures to address concerns. ”
Our hero military successes against terrorist groups that might threaten the security of Turkey in Syria held. They showed that they have not lost anything of their spiritual power in history. We are grateful to our soldier.
Acting with the US to create a safe zone on the Syrian border raises serious concerns. The attitude of the US does not give confidence from the beginning. On the one hand, The US agrees with Turkey to end the PKK / PYD presence at the Syrian border; on the other hand, it gives all kinds of support to the PKK / PYD. It equips terrorist groups with the most advanced weapons. How reliable can such a colonial country be?
The US does not want Turkey to control the safe zone. However, in this case 910 km of borders as the natural right of Turkey. July 15 coup attempt in the important roles of the US military forces in Syria. Former (CENTCOM) commander Joseph Votel said “ they are against Turkey to supervise the safe zone".
The US announced a year ago that it would withdraw its troops from Syria. But, aside from withdrawing its troops, it both increased its military power in the region and continued to build up weapons. It started new projects. It was understood that these words were tactical.
A smart man can't be bitten twice through a hole. After all this deceit, it is still not profitable to hope for the United States. What about the US that invaded Iraq, killing 1.5 million people, raping thousands of women and losing chastity? Is there any reason to trust the United States, which exerted pressure on the Middle East and sold them with threats? Isn't it the US that uses all of terror for its own purposes?
Akif, 1 century ago had warned: "The words of Crusades are never trusted!"
Turkey should note the following: where there is the US. You can’t create a "safe zone". In fact, the US plays so open! We're the ones who don't wake up or take lessons. Did we forget this explanation of Trump?: "if Turkey hits Kurds we will ruin them economically." Here, "Kurds" not to mention the purpose of innocent people; it is PKK / PYD.
Regarding the “safe zone’, US Senator Lindsey Graham always says: “The safe zone will emerge as a win-win situation for everyone.” Not only does this promise the security of our Syrian brothers and sisters; It shows that the US aims at the interests of the region. A well-known feature of Syria is that it is a “pipeline country”.The US intends to control the energy transmission lines in the region through Syria.
Mr. Erdogan's statement needs to be explained: “This August we will add a new one to the ring of victories in our history.” Victory, but against whom?
US accounts on the Middle East (BOP) have been known for 18 years. It is also true that Western countries have made Israel's security “state policy “ and that Trump is working for Israel's interests
The solution of the problems in Turkey and Syria is the task of "countries in the region". This business cannot be left to the US and Western countries. The Islamic world must learn to solve its own problems. The Astana and Sochi processes, which aim to act together with the countries of the region, should continue to provide similar solutions.
If this is not done, the Syrian crisis will widen and the danger of the 2nd Hammer Power will emerge. Let us listen to the words of Erbakan Hodja:” If Syria is invaded; know that Turkey is the main goal”. 


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