Şakir Tarım: "Normalization trap with Israel"

Şakir Tarım: "Normalization trap with Israel"
Date: 9.1.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Şakir Tarım writes on normalization developments in Middle East with Israel! Here is the full article.

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The USA and Israel occupied the Golan Heights after their unilateral agreement of the Deal of the Century. Israel attacked the Ibrahem Mosque. Iran; They attempted to repress and intimidate forces such as Hamas and the Ikhwan, which they knew that both would not allow Zionism. Israel; it started the "normalization" trap with the Gulf countries to achieve their interests in Palestine and the Eastern Mediterranean.
In fact, normalization with Israel was an American plan. He was putting pressure on the Gulf countries on this issue. The UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan could not resist this pressure. They got into normalization business with Israel. If they did, they would supposedly be removed from the list of countries supporting terrorism. The signing of the agreement in America clearly demonstrated the role of this country. Then, Qatar and Saudi Arabia also fell into the normalization trap.
Countries like Morocco and Sudan are also on the hook. Indonesia, Pakistan and Lebanon saw the trap. The Palestinian Scholars Committee called on the Islamic world to break the Israeli blockade together. They said that "normalization" with Israel was aimed at liquidating the Palestinian cause. They warned that Israel was trying to open up space for itself politically, economically, socially and culturally.
Israel is trying to stop Iran by using Arab countries by saying normalization. Zionism and its collaborators are looking for a way not to leave homes untouched in the Islamic world. They are thinking of broadening their goals by using media and education. They do not hesitate to bribe billions in order to achieve their goals. The Islamic world should see the trap and should not delay any more to join forces.
U.S. was uncomfortable with Turkey's eastern Mediterranean, Libya, Azerbaijan, Greece  foreign policy. It regarded the purchase of S-400 missiles from Russia as a threat to its security. Whereas these was a requirement of the right to stand by and protect the rights of Turkey. The new US President Joe Biden Turkey knows well; It was known for being with Jewish, Greek and Armenian lobbies. Turkey in its relations with the US "holding good" road called. It reconsidered its foreign policy.
Because normalizing with Israel meant ignoring the Jerusalem and Palestinian cause and confirming Israel's occupation, attacks and atrocities in the region for 73 years.
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on December 25, 2020, "Our relationship with Israel continues" and said: "Our relations with Israel at the point of intelligence have not been cut off. We are experiencing some difficulties with the people at the top. Our heart wishes, let's improve our relations with them."
The next day, Palestinian HAMAS leader Ismael Haneya told President Erdogan, "Do not normalize with Israel! This will benefit Zionism,” he sent a letter calling: “Normalization is a threat to humanity. We must try to wipe out the microbe of Zionism. We must resist the occupation. Let's pass laws that deem "normalization" a "crime".
All the oppressed in the world have to put forward a common stance against oppression, oppression and occupation. Compromise breeds new concessions. Let's not forget that every compromise is a trap that ties our feet in the name of our future. Especially if this pressure is coming from the USA!
USA confused. This is an opportunity for the Islamic world! America had sowed the wind from the beginning; now the storm is mowing. The USA must pay the price of turning the Middle East into a bloodbath. Understand the weakness of the USA now! Because wrongdoers become weak and cowardly. It is the collaborative rulers of the Islamic world that make him powerful. Leave the USA alone! Look for ways to collaborate with each other!
O Islamic world! The world's greatest sources of wealth are a blessing from God to you! When will you leave centuries of drowsiness and come to yourself! Wake up, get up and break the chains that surround you! Let imperialism do it as a fox! You be a lion! It does not suit you disgrace. Don't let the massive power of two billion more idle and neutralize!


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