Şakir Tarım: "This is the European Union!"

Şakir Tarım: "This is the European Union!"
Date: 22.9.2020 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Şakir Tarım writes on the European Union! Here is the full article.

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The European Leaders Meeting, which will be held two days later, is expecting important decisions that will be talked about a lot. The speeches made at the European Parliament (EP) General Assembly on September 15 herald this. Regarding the tension in Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey's commitment to not give up on it's rights and defense it's rights, angered EU countries. They would like to see a submissive Turkey.
On 15 September the European Parliament (EP) General Assembly was gathered with "Turkey" agenda. The overall message of the meeting, "We will not accept Turkey in the EU" as summed up. EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell, in his speech at the meeting, said Turkey's stance on bringing the Eastern Mediterranean; "Turkey's membership cessation of negotiations, an end to aid funds, halt the arms sales and the introduction of very tough economic sanctions" he asked.
Speaking at the General Assembly, some members said that "the Council of Europe will have to take very difficult decisions" some of them, "Ankara's; Syria, Libya, on the eastern Mediterranean has created a deep gulf between the EU and Turkey, "they claimed. Some of them; Turkey's religion, they could not be European in terms of culture and values.
What was said was not unknown. They each time, as regards the adoption of the Istanbul Convention, each request to "yes" he had become accustomed to seeing a Turkey. EU countries, acquired rights in Turkey is now evident, they kept pure şirretleş the next Greece. Turkey showed great response to this public. Their requests on the Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey's security concerns directly; suspended his rights.
Turkey, then called the European Economic Community (EEC) was applied at the first step of the 31/7/1959. The petition was kept for 4 years. On 12.09.1963, the EEC was granted the "candidate country" status. He last 57 years since Turkey constantly lingers. Cooperation with Muslim countries is prevented. Turkey, Like standing guard at the gate of Europe... This unjust "waiting" was the subject of nice disparaging cartoons in the European press.
EU, Turkey officially to me, "he will" also does not say; “I will not buy” either. They keep them busy with deceptive words. Turkey's foreign policy is being blocked for 61 years. EU to Turkey without stopping "homework" gives. Issuing "EU Harmonization Laws" from the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Turkey also every time "get us" is hopeful the membrane. Meanwhile, about what Turkey has fulfilled the conditions of the "Progress Report" they are preparing.
President Erdogan frequently complains that "the EU does not keep its promises". Regarding the Syrian refugees, he said, "The EU has not kept its promise".
Turkey's "candidate country" disturbed from EU countries occurred. Former French President Jacques Chirac, addressing the young people in Marseilles, mentioned Turkey's EU membership, "We are all children of Byzantium," he said. This was the one to remind Turkey about the identity of the EU. Later President Sarkozy, Le Figaro newspaper in an interview, "Turkey has no place in Europe. We must honestly say to Turkey, "he said.
TURKEY, when the EU will understand the truth? Is it possible to enter the unwanted place? EU leaders, other European politicians and the public all agree. European People's Party Leader Manfred Weber said: “It comes from the European Christian tradition. The time has come to put an end to negotiations with Turkey. The EU, Turkey will never take."
Europe tells the truth. Let them look up a head managers in Turkey! Is there a single Muslim country in the 28-member EU? Next generations will ask managers, "What a head!" don't they ask? For example, can this statement be accepted as consistent: "President Erdoğan: The EU is not keeping its promise; but we are committed to the European process."
The situation on the EU is clear! Its members are all Christians! The sign of the "cross" covering the whole of the architecture in its main building in Brussels is proof of this. Countries of the same faith have come together. Communities with a total population of more than half a billion draw strength from each other; they collaborate. Where is this incomprehensible?
Regarding the Eastern Mediterranean, countries of the same faith united on the Greek side. Meric in Turkey could be seen from a height instead of whacking "cross" sign planted. Oh our rulers ah! Last year, the 61, if you spend it in cooperation with the Muslim countries we share the same belief, Turkey already wearing 2 billion in cash to the "leading country" would be. This is a horizon and this required capacity.
Erbakan Hodja did his duty. He formed the core of the Islamic Union by gathering 8 countries with a total population of 800 million in 1 year. More recently, Bangladesh Foreign Minister, warned of the D-8 to Turkey on the need.


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