Şakir Tarım: "Where is Europe running?"

Şakir Tarım: "Where is Europe running?"
Date: 3.11.2020 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Şakir Tarım writes on Europe! Here is the full article.

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On September 11, 2001, after the attack on the Twin Towers in the USA, we know that the prejudice and discrimination movements against Islam and Muslims, which are called "Islamophobia-Islam fear", started in the West. This was followed by attacks on Muslims and mosques in Europe, saying "religion difference". Attacks have increased in recent years.
On October 23, 2020, the raid on the Mevlana Mosque in Berlin, Germany's capital, by a 100-150-person police team during the morning prayer, revealed Germany's intention. Timing alike; and the police diving into a mosque with their boats like a terrorist operation was a great insult to a place of worship and Muslims. Was Germany unaware of the 5 million Muslim community that has become an integral part of its country? That's why the incident drew great reaction.
The humor magazine Charlie Hebdo, which has been publishing in France since 1969, made insulting attacks on the Prophet (pbuh) in 2015. Similar incidents took place in Denmark. Finally, the French President Macron's view of such publications as "freedom of expression" was the last straw. Could insult be considered freedom? What a sick logic that was!
Mr. Macron is not satisfied with this, he talks about the "structuring of Islam"; He says that Muslims are "separatists"; He was announcing that "he would wipe Islam from France". These discourses, Turkey and increased avalanche-like reactions from the Muslim world. Macron and France were protested. The presumption was asked to end. What about disrespect for religions? Were they the apostle of human rights and civilization?
How did Macron, who ruled his country like a primitive tribe, suddenly come to the head of France? It was obvious that he put France into a troubled atmosphere. Did he want to cover up his government failure with Islamophobia? Where would it be reached with the campaigns of lies, slander and smear? Macron had hit the wrong place. People could not be seen as "thoughtless" to this degree. This arrogance could not remain unanswered.
Saadet Party leader Temel Karamollaoğlu said that humanity does not give credit to lies and insults; He explained that the West will drown in the pool of lies that it has created: "Macron is trying to gain a position in French domestic politics through chauvinism. With this attitude, he harms himself and France. It is destined to be thrown into the dustbin of history. Islam is spreading rapidly in Germany, France, England; It will continue to spread."
European history was not at all heartwarming. It was remembered with events such as persecution, torture, guillotine, inquisition, genocide, and colonialism. So barbaric! Look what they did to Andalusian Muslims when they conquered Spain in 1492! The world has not seen such brutality. You cannot read Ebü'l Bekâ's poem Lament for Andalusia without a heartbreak and tears! You can follow the poem in Sezai Karakoç's work titled Poetry Monuments of Islam!
Europe prepared the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, and European countries made arrangements in accordance with this "declaration". The "Declaration" was largely copied from the Farewell Sermon of the Apostle of Allah (pbuh) without citing the source. In the process, they tried to fix their old images. If they move away from the "declaration" they announced to the world, it means that the EU is preparing its own end.
While France, which is a "permanent member" in the UN and has a "weight" in the EU, has an attitude towards Islam; I said to a brother who has been a "teacher" for 30 years in Germany, "What is happening in this Europe?" I directed the question. As a careful observer, he answered sincerely:
"Our brothers from homesickness provinces of Turkey 'worker' status came in. Both did their job well; as well as tried to live their beliefs. With these clean feelings, many of them have become 'employer' in time. Despite the difficult conditions, they were successful in schools. Europeans were disturbed by the presence of Muslims in their country. While there is a population increase in Muslims; Europeans were dwindling in population. They always wanted to see those who came to their country as "workers." During the days I visited Europe, I learned that the following evaluations were made at the summits of these countries: “We wanted workers; people came." "Sir," the country of my brother's had some requests: "Turkey should be in Europe with its citizens. It should not see them as 'currency machines'. Our brothers here are paying the price for their harsh and unnecessary words for the Europeans. We understand this from their way of looking at us. Erbakan Hodja would be very careful about courtesy and kindness."
If Islamophobia and insults against Muslims continue in Europe in recent years; The images they tried to correct with the Universal Declaration, which was prepared using the Farewell Sermon, will continue to be remembered with the cruelty, torture, genocide, colonialism and brutality that existed in their history. Prefer themselves! Either they will continue their good image; or they will prepare their own end!


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