Salih Turhan: "Erbakan is the most important witness of an era"

Salih Turhan: "Erbakan is the most important witness of an era"
Date: 25.2.2020 12:00

Salih Turhan, AGD and MGV President, participated in a number of programs in Turkey's Giresun province.

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Anatolian Youth Association (AGD) and National Youth Foundation (MGV) President Salih Turhan went to the city to participate in the NGO Meeting and "Martyrs Night Program" of Giresun Branch of their associations.
Turhan also met with NGOs and members of the organization here. The program met with NGOs in Turkey that there is a huge potential in terms of young people, but Turhan said that this was potentially endangered because of the internet and social media, young people on the street, society, began to move away from family and friends. 
"More than 30 million people participated in the game played online on the internet last year, and in our country in just two weeks. As a result of a game played in 2018-2019 in one year period, 149 of our children between the ages of 12 and 14 committed suicide. If we look at it in terms of this year, 40 of our children have committed suicide even though it has not been reflected in the media only as of January and February," he said.


Pointing out that the family institution has started to shake recently, Turhan said, "The reasons of this situation, the sources of the problem are discussed and evaluated. What should we do to take a responsibility in this regard? Is it enough we do? Is not it enough? We hold these meetings to discuss these."


Turhan, in the "Night of Martyrs" program he attended, "We believe that this century's martyr, the pioneer of the martyrs, of course, is Erbakan. Our Honorable Erbakan Teacher is the most important witness and martyr of an era. Our Erbakan Teacher, the National Order Party, which was closed because it holds the right, the National Salvation Party. It is the witness of the Virtue Party, which was closed to break a movement from its roots. It is the witness of Kirazlıdere Detention Center on September 12 and February 28. It is a witness to the skidding experienced for world goods. Our Honorable Erbakan Teacher is the witness to reunite a fragmented geography, to revive a lost vision of the future, and to revive a crushed society," he added.
"Islamic geography was shattered by fabricated borders"
Emphasizing that the Islamic geography has unfortunately become the backyard of racist imperialism for the last few centuries, Turhan said that this process was operated by collaborative heads, which forgot the jihad and martyrdom, and subsequently fell into world trouble and eventually became a puppet in the hands of Zionism. Today, the Islamic geography is open to the delusions of racist imperialism, either by bully dictators or by the managers of elected campaign campaigns.


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