Salih Turhan: "Tawhid and justice are two basic concepts"

Salih Turhan: "Tawhid and justice are two basic concepts"
Date: 12.9.2018 13:00

AGD President Salih Turhan underlined some important concepts for Muslims at the regional and branch presidents' meeting.

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Anadolu Youth Association (AGD) and National Youth Foundation (MGV) Chairman Salih Turhan, underlining some concepts in the Meeting of Regional and Branch Presidents, said, "There are a number of mental activities the Qur'an wants from Muslims. Each of them is a worship. Each of these is a necessity" he said.
Turhan said that all of the prophets came with two basic concepts in front of people, "These concepts are tawhid and justice. The adventure of man on earth with His Holiness Adam (pbuh) is an effort to establish unity and justice until the doom. Muslims are obliged to propose a belief in unity and to strive for justice. Muslims who fulfill these responsibilities and can build a civilization by carrying out the zoning and rehabilitation of the earth. Our task is development and rehabilitation. This task is accompanied by a training process that starts from mother's womb and continues until death. Besides, the death of the person and the daddy are an education of those who are left behind. Islam asks Muslims to be in an endeavor, and not to remain indifferent to the outside world. Islam asks Muslims to take precautions both for the past and for the future. Islam asks the Muslims to think and to think and to solve the problems by reasoning in the light of the revelation, that is, to produce fiqh."
Turhan, by drawing attention to the fact that the Zionist mechanisms targeted even the children of the elementary and middle school age. Turhan, "External forces have been planning their plans since the last 300 years. Now that they have been planning for the youth alliance 100 years ago, Zionists are struggling with their power. They are transforming the electronic signals and brains into a structure that does not think about Z-bar, does not question, does not understand, deals with coding of minds, and seizures. The most basic argument they used to corrupt this neslun was immorality. Our children have done some self-directed studies. Appearance-dressed styles are being legitimized. They encode immorality in children's minds. This is the solution of the process, the root of the tree is the Milli Görüş (National Opinion)." he said.
Reminding that there are more than 5 million genres in the age of primary and secondary school Turhan, "Their ifsattan conservation is important. "I serve Islam, I deal with young people." There are also mechanisms that imitate our own work. Yes, they do the same things that we do. But their source is a system that centralizes interest. They make a bitchy male organization in the programs. The things that our beliefs do not see fit are getting used to these people. After a while, our young people and our children are forbidden to say, 'What will I get from my life?' The National Youth is a consciousness that differs from the others. For 44 years, our organization has never entered a curved wood, even if it is a genius, it will not enter after that with God's will."


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