Salih Turhan: We will solve the problems by talking

Salih Turhan: We will solve the problems by talking
Date: 2.12.2019 12:00

Anatolian Youth Association (AGD) President Salih Turhan made a number of visits to Turkey's eastern provinces Muş and Bitlis.

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Anatolian Youth Association (AGD) and National Youth Foundation (MGV) President Salih Turhan held a series of contacts in Bitlis and Muş with his presidential council.
Turhan came together with NGOs and opinion leaders in Bitlis and Muş.
Turhan said that millions of people around the world put their heads to the pillow every night and said, "Every 5 seconds one child dies because of hunger. More than 1 billion people are trying to hold on to life with a daily income of under $ 1.25. 2 billion people struggle to live below the poverty line. Again, more than 1 billion people have healthy drinking water problems. 1.5 billion people are affected by conflict and terror. About 60 million people left their countries for the same reasons and became asylum seekers. Nearly 1 billion young people are illiterate. There are 110 million landmines waiting for their victims at the borders of 70 countries. Again, the wealth of the 8 richest people on the planet, the poorest of the total wealth of 3 billion 800 million people," he said.


Expressing that the youth is in a major crisis, Turhan drew attention to the increase in youth unemployment rates both in the region and throughout the country. Both in Turkey and also Turhan said that done work for youth in the world, he continued: "Especially in the technology development along with television came into our lives, phones, and our sons because of tools such as computers began to move away from us. The games destroy our children. Last year, a game of playing games on the internet in the structure of the Zionist organization, reaching 40 million users full as soon as 2 weeks in Turkey, was under the influence half of the population of 80 million. They create these games so professionally that our young people are addicted to these games. These games connect people like cigarettes and substance abuse. We welcome a lot of events that express such young people. We are not guilty of youth, we are guilty, we need to have close contact with our youth. All non-governmental organizations should make necessary consultations and evaluate what can be done about young people."


Speaking about the purpose of their visit, Turhan said, "We organize these meetings with our brothers in order to get into trouble, to get rotten, to talk about the problems and how to make them together. There are many CSOs here, we may think differently on some issues, but essentially we need to work on some of the common issues. We came together in this program to remember them."
Turhan also, "In particular, academics and non-governmental organizations in the university should work with young people in consultation with each other. Everyone has a duty here. Everyone should put their hands under the stone without looking to the left or right," he said.


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