Same parties, but one makes, the other one cancels!

Same parties, but one makes, the other one cancels!
Date: 28.11.2019 16:00

What happened in Düzce will be the subject of films! The 'Nostalgic Tram' project, which was built for 2 million liras under the previous president, was cancelled by the next president and replaced by a bicycle path.

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What happened in Düzce revealed the jigsaw puzzle investment approach in the municipalities, while the citizens recalled that the following presidents were not elected from the opposition parties and said, "Former and recent Mayors are from the same party. So why does one destroy what the other does?", citizens asked.
Insight investment in Düzce! The previous president did what the new president lifted! The tram project built by Düzce former Mayor Mehmet Keleş for 2 million was cancelled by the new Mayor Faruk Özlü without even seeing the 2nd year.
In this case, while the 2 million tram project is going to trash, the municipalities jigsaw investment approach has been the subject of discussion again.
The tram, built by the former Mayor of Düzce Mehmet Keleş within the scope of the Istanbul Street Pedestrianization Project, became a history with the new Mayor Faruk Özlü making the bicycle path instead of removing the rails.
The Nostalgic Tram project, which cost 2 million liras to Istanbul Street, which was closed by pedestrian traffic by Düzce Municipality, was implemented. 
Following the withdrawal of Keleş by President Erdoğan, upon the request of Dursun Ay, who was in the presidential seat, Istanbul Street was reopened on December 3, 2018.
Faruk Özlü, the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, who took the chair after the 31st March local elections, prepared a different project for Istanbul Street which is the heart of Düzce. 
In accordance with the final project, the rails of Keleş were dismantled and a bicycle path was built instead. 
Mayor of Istanbul Street, each sitting in the seat of different projects implemented, this situation has caused reactions. 


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