Saudi Arabia also borrows with bonds

Saudi Arabia also borrows with bonds
Date: 30.10.2018 12:00

The divide-rule system, implemented differently for each Islamic country, is leaping into Saudi Arabia as a bond issue.

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Saudi Arabia, the world's largest oil exporting country, which has been experiencing troubled times over the Khashoggi killing, also starts to borrow bonds due to economic problems.
In a written statement by the Ministry of Finance of Saudi Arabia, investors, local currency, the issuance of bonds in the direction of the issuance of bonds and $ 866.6 million was decided to remove the bonds, the statement said. The statement, the bonds of $ 621.3 million in 2023, 96 million dollars in the second part of 2025, 149.3 million dollars in the third part of the 2028 were recorded.
Ministry of Finance of Saudi Arabia, last month, the state had to pay the public debt in 2019 compared to 17.7 percent in 2019 had predicted. The public debts to be paid were expected to reach 153.6 billion by the end of 2018, and this figure is expected to reach 180.8 billion dollars in 2019.


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