Self-centered thinking spreading! Danger of narcissism among children!

Self-centered thinking spreading! Danger of narcissism among children!
Date: 29.4.2024 11:00

The number of narcissistic individuals is increasing in society. It is known that narcissists, who harm both themselves and those around them with their self-centered thinking, acquired this trait at an early age.

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Narcissism is increasingly spreading in our society. The number of unsympathetic, 'self-centered' individuals who try to be the center of attention is increasing.
Self-centered thinking, which brings with it social decay and moral corruption, can emerge especially at an early age.
Narcissism, which is related to the way parents raise their children, has become an important problem in our society today, with the influence of social media.
It seems that young people and children who are influenced by unrealistic lifestyles on social media are on the path to becoming narcissists.
We talked to Expert Pedagogue İnci Aydın about the issue of narcissism, which is widely encountered especially in the new generation, according to the research revealed.
Drawing attention to the impact of technology on young people and children and the mistakes parents make while raising children, İnci Aydın stated that narcissistic individuals also harm the people around them.


Explaining the characteristics of the narcissist individual, Expert Pedagogue İnci Aydın draws attention to the parents' style of raising children.
"People who only think about themselves, who direct the people around them in line with their own wishes, who always want to be in the center of attention and who always dictate their own wishes are narcissists. When we look at the history of narcissistic individuals, the approach of their parents draws attention. Children raised by mothers and fathers who do whatever their children want and say 'okay' to everything they want, become self-centered individuals. It is possible for an individual who has a self-centered thought settled in his subconscious from childhood to experience some negativities in his communication with people in adulthood. Many problems occur in friendship, family and all other relationships established by narcissistic individuals. People in the lives of narcissistic individuals may experience burnout syndrome," Aydın said.


"With the development of technology, especially social media, it affects our lives greatly. Social media can also trigger narcissism at this point. Fake poses and fake quality of life in content on social media can affect users. Unfortunately, the misleading message given by those who create content on social media that life revolves around them has an impact on the individual. Especially young people and children can be influenced by the content on social media and fall into the misconception of 'why am I not like this?' Our young people and children, who are caught up in the reflections of the content they watch, fall into a 'self-centered' thought. This causes narcissistic individuals to grow up," Aydın added.


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