Şerafettin Kılıç: "It is hard to believe that the economy growing!"

Şerafettin Kılıç: "It is hard to believe that the economy growing!"
Date: 11.8.2020 15:00

Felicity (Saadet) Party Vice President Şerafettin Kılıç attended the press conference organized by the İzmir Provincial Directorate.

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The Felicity (Saadet) Party İzmir Provincial Directorate held a press conference. Vice President of the Felicity Party Şerafettin Kılıç speaking at the meeting, he evaluated the economic developments in Turkey. Saying that there were great problems in the markets after the Eid al-Adha, Şerafettin Kılıç stated that it is difficult to believe that the country's economy has grown.

Kılıç, "as well as the turmoil in the markets, Turkey's bleeding wound of unemployment, which is also increasingly deepening. Although unemployment is felt painfully, it seems that the unemployment rate is decreasing compared to the same period of the previous year, according to the figures of TURKSTAT. So how does that happen? There is an audience that is not looking for a job because there is no hope of finding a job. In other words, those who are not registered as unemployed because they are not looking for a job show unemployment lower than it actually is. "The narrowly defined unemployment data of TURKSTAT do not reflect the truth." he said.


Stating that another data that is far from credibility and credibility is inflation rates, Saadet Party Vice President Kılıç said, "The real inflation is the prices faced by the citizen when they go to the market. Who can rely on the numbers that keep inflation low while the price of everything constantly increases? The institutions that determine inflation rates in democratic countries are independent. The inflation rate in Turkey is determined by the TSI attached to the government. With dubious inflation rates, the wage differences of both the minimum wage and retirees are wasted."


Stating that the citizen is in serious financial difficulties, Kılıç said, "Why do giant businesses go bankrupt in a growing economy? Why are housing prices doubling? Why are the second hand vehicle prices like this? Why are the numbers on the labels constantly changing? Where are gold, dollar and euro running? It is not possible to get out of this pressure without strengthening the real economy by preventing waste and corruption. Turkey's most important economic solution as being able to get back on its feet, and is directed to all sources of production-oriented investment opportunities," he said.


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