Seyfettin Erol: "Kazakhstan, Aksakal factor in the integration of Turkish world

Seyfettin Erol: "Kazakhstan, Aksakal factor in the integration of Turkish world
Date: 10.9.2018 16:00

Milli Gazete columnist Seyfettin Erol writes on Turkey and Asian world. Here is the full article.

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The Syrian civil war and the Idlib operation in the last period are leading the perception of the whole world as if it is a crisis. However, many regions of the world are flapping in the ocean of instability, predominantly of the Turkish-Islamic world. In this context, it is inevitable to witness the new major crisis areas in the forthcoming period; such as Central Asia.
This likely leads to a deep concern for all the countries in the region, especially Kazakhstan. For the first time, the Central Asian states, which gained their independence from the USSR, are faced with such a quiet but profound threat situation. It seems that the claims of the region countries, which are frequently expressed in the post-Soviet period, that they can not continue their independence more, live and fight civil war become more real.
Another partner in this concern is China, which is striving to maintain its Foreign Policy towards the West in a stable manner. China sees the "Belt-Road Project", which has recently emerged as the forefront, indispensable for the future of its regional-global hegemony.
Kazakhstan is emerging in Central Asia microcosm. The geopolitical and strategic importance of Kazakhstan, which is the security umbrella of the Turkish world, has existed since 1991. To put it more concretely, Kazakhstan is not only between Europe and China, but is a natural junction between the east and west and the north to the south with the size of the main passage corridors, which is a key country in this inter-continental connection. It is therefore the heart of Eurasia.
Kazakhstan deeply feels the responsibility of being the heart of Eurasia. It is inevitable that when this heart recovers, the death of the geography or at least the drifting into a diseased structure. For this reason, President Nursultan Nazarbayev does not only pursue Kazakhstan's priority policy.
Nursultan Nazarbayev's role as a constructive foreign policy watcher and mediator promoting peace in the region-world is no coincidence. Respect, trust and all the "Aksakal" personality of all parties have undoubtedly a very important place. Indeed, hence Nazarbayev, Turkey and between Russia and the "Airplane Crisis" of the termination of Syria which is considered an important contribution to crisis "Astana Process" in the agreed by all parties, he said has been heard a leader.
Multilateral Foreign Policy of Kazakhstan
The understanding that President Nursultan Nazarbayev can be summarized as "harmony" in Kazakh politics and "peace" in foreign policy; there is no doubt that a strong Kazakhstan which exists in unity-together also has a regional-global scale of peace and stability. In this context, Astana's balance-based multi-dimensional foreign policy is of great importance in terms of sensitive regional-international balances, Aksakal Nazarbayev also acts with this consciousness.
This is the "Foreign Policy Concept" which sets out the objectives of the constructive foreign policy pursued by Kazakhstan as follows: 1. The foundation of national security, national defense, independence and territorial integrity; Strengthening world peace, regional and global security; 3. Establishment of a just and democratic world order by working with the United Nations; Ensuring that the country is among the 30 most advanced countries in the world; 5. Protection of national values ​​and national culture.
This last item is very important; since it is not possible for Kazakhstan to exist in the region without it. For this reason, in the internal politics of Kazakhstan, "Turkism" at the point of returning to identity, finding and reconstructing identity and "Turkish World" in foreign policy have a much more special place. In this context, it does not escape the attention that Astana, which is one of the modern capitals of the Turkish World, is a city that smells Turkish with its architecture, museums and libraries, and concert halls.
Turkish Union and "Nursultan Nazarbayev Turkism"
Nursultan Nazarbayev, who is one of the important ideologues of Turkish Eurasianism, is also at the forefront with his "Turkist" identity. The main point that distinguishes this Turkism, which can also be expressed as "Nursultan Nazarbayev Turkism", from many Turkist approaches; is based on a strategy of mutual benefit based and balanced strategy that is far from emotional and maternal, out of the way, precedes concrete steps. Its main objective is "Integration of the Turkish World".
It is undoubtedly the "unity" that the Turkish world, not just Kazakhstan, can exist in the 21st century in the real sense and take part in the new international system. "Union" is the biggest loss of the Turkish-Islamic world. For this reason, one of the policies that Nursultan Nazarbayev, who is the relative of the Turkish world, has set out for the stability, prosperity and security of the region and has been following since the beginning of the 1990s in this context is thus "the integration of the Turkish world".
At this point Nazarbayey is the agent of today's actor who thinks "dilde, opinion, unity at work". It is a leader who takes concrete steps in the way of practicing it theoretically. Even the fact that the summits of the Turkish Presidential Heads, which started in 1992 in Ankara and continued to this day, are the only leaders to participate in all of them without exception.
Some concrete steps of Nazarbayev's integration of the Turkish world for the integration of the Turkish world are as follows: 1. The establishment of the "Turkish Council" in 2009 and the initiation of the imitation of mechanisms such as "Turkish Business Council" and "Turkish Academy" under its umbrella; 2. The meeting of the Central Asian Heads of State, after a long meeting in Astana in Nevruz in 2018; 3. The name of the most populous province of Kazakhstan will be changed to "Turkestan" in 2018.
In this context, Nazarbayev emphasized the importance of deepening economic and commercial relations among the member states, and pointed out that the result of the Caspian Agreement should also benefit the countries of the Turkish Council from the emerging new status. This call Caspian littoral Turkmenistan forming the 3 from 5 countries, Azerbaijan and so Kazakhstan is a Caspian Basin Countries which today is of great importance in terms of Turkey, a deep strategic thinking, reveals the prediction.
Some of the other proposals of Kazakh President Nazarbayev can be cited as follows: 1. The projects named "100 New Ismans of the Turkish World" and "The Sacred Spaces of the Turkish World" in the framework of the Turkish Council are misinterpreted; 2. Young leaders regularly organize the forum; 3. To reform the institutions and mechanisms under the umbrella of the Turkish Council; reducing the number and increasing the productivity if necessary.
Undoubtedly, this process has a fairly important place in Turkey-Kazakhstan cooperation. The acceleration of mutual visits in this context is of great importance for the prevention of the threats and risks targeted by the Turkish World and for the evaluation of opportunities more effectively. By this means, I wish that you are welcome to my country already, Mr. Nursultan Nazarbayev, the President of Kazakhstan and wish you a healthy and good long life.


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