She went into surgery and lost her consciousness

She went into surgery and lost her consciousness
Date: 29.12.2021 16:45

The benevolent youth of Bitlis, the "Büşra Sister" of the orphans, has been unconsciously fighting for life for more than 70 days.

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Büşra Güntaş, who went to the hospital for a simple nose operation in Bitlis, has been unconsciously fighting for her life for more than 70 days. The pulse of the young woman, who was operated on at Private Tatvan Can Hospital, dropped before the operation started, and the possible wrong interventions made afterward caused Güntaş to lose consciousness. The hospital staff, who could not read the monitor when her pulse dropped, did not even call her family after this tragic event and did not receive any information about the patient. Büşra Güntaş's older brother Ömer Güntaş told our newspaper about the painful event. 


Ömer Güntaş said, “My sister Büşra is going to Private Tatvan Can Hospital for a nose operation on October 12. My sister, who was taken into surgery at 11.07, was given an anesthetic without even a scalpel, and her pulse drops. The doctor, who could not take a pulse from her arm, immediately starts heart massage. After about 15 minutes, Büşra's heart restarts and within 5 minutes her heart stops again and a second 10 minutes heart massage is done. According to the information we received from the anesthesiologist and ear, nose an throat (ENT) doctor after the incident, our sister is intubated at this time.” 


Güntaş said, “As a result of the problems experienced in the operation that was completed before it started, our Büşra, whose heart started to work again, is sent to the intensive care unit of Bitlis State Hospital instead of taking her to their own intensive care unit at Private Can Hospital. In the evening of that day, during our meeting with the owner of the hospital, the head physician, the hospital manager and the doctors involved, we were informed that Büşra had an allergic reaction to the drugs, but since she was intubated when she had a heart attack, it would not be a big problem and she would get up the next day. Büşra was brought to Istanbul GOP Training and Research Hospital by plane ambulance after 55 days of intensive care in this hospital. She has been unconscious for more than 70 days, including the time here.” 


Brother Güntaş said, "While brain damage was detected in Büşra's first MRI, in the second MR image, atrophy (shrinkage) is observed in her brain. Büşra, who has had very intense contractions, is still unconscious and is going through a very heavy period in our palliative service. During our meetings with the Private Tatvan Can Hospital delegation, we obtained details that made us suspicious. When the anesthesiologist said that he could not take her pulse from her arm, when asked what he saw on the monitor, he replied "I could not read the monitor". We were skeptical with this answer. Although the interventions are different, the doctor who cannot read the monitor may have made the wrong intervention. Why did our heart rate suddenly drop? What were the dosages of the drugs? Couldn't the team, who panicked when the pulse dropped, couldn't intubate, or did they extend the tube to the stomach instead of the lungs while trying to do it? As a result, we understand that we do not think that the hospital did not perform the right interventions for our sister, neither before nor after the operation.”


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