Sit-in protest of Kurdish mother results positively

Sit-in protest of Kurdish mother results positively
Date: 25.8.2019 13:00

The sit-in protest of a mother, who said her son kidnapped by the HDP, has resulted positively.

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A mother started a sit-in protest on Wednesday in front of HDP provincial building in Diyarbakır saying her son kidnapped by HDP members to the mountains to be recruited by the PKK.
Mehmet Akar, 21, who was last seen entering the HDP provincial building and was kidnapped by HDP members to the mountains, was found as a result of police operations.
The sit-in protest of the mother and her relatives, who provided support, was continued on the fourth day in front of HDP provincial building, demanding her son, whom she said was kidnapped by HDP members to the mountains, to be given back to her.
"My son will come here. Don't take him to the parks and make him talk," mother said on Friday after a professional taken video released showing his son talking to the camera with instructions.
Police launched extensive work after footage of Mehmet Akar, published on a pro-PKK/HDP website.
Police reached out to Mehmet Akar as a result of the work being carried out. As this news was heard, a movement began in the HDP building.
HDP members assaulted press members waiting in front of the provincial building.
The HDP members also attacked families who reacted to the situation, tried to push older women away from the building by pushing them away.
Realizing the attitude of HDP members towards women, in particular, police intervened, increasing security measures at the scene.
"We have seen him, his health good and we have no concerns left. Now my nephew is safe. His mother is with him. And our action is over," his uncle Abdullah Akar said confirming the news that Mehmet Akar, who had been missing for four days, is safe.
Following the announcement, the family left the front of the HDP provincial building, ending the sit-in action.
Mehmet Akar was taken to the police station to be testified.


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