Siyami Akyel: "Populist Islamism"

Siyami Akyel: "Populist Islamism"
Date: 15.1.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Siyami Akyel writes on populist Islamism. Here is the full article.

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At the Young Turks Congress held in Paris in 1907 before the 31 March Incident, it was decided to depose Abdulhamit Han. The declaration of the 2nd Constitutional Monarchy by Sultan Abdulhamid on June 23, 1908 and the gathering of the Parliament by re-enacting the Constitutional Monarchy on December 17, 1908, were intended to prevent this ominous incident from happening. However, at the same time, Austria-Hungary's invasion of Bosnia and Herzegovina (October 5, 1908), Bulgaria's independence, the unification of Crete with Greece, and Greek, Arab, Albanian, Armenian, Slavic and Jewish The activities of the elements towards the integrity of the Ottoman Empire and the organization of the Committee of Union and Progress were the reasons that prepared the 31 March Incident.
When the writings of Darwish Vahdeti, leader of the Union of Mohammadi, in Volkan newspaper and Armenians massacring the Turks in the uprising in Adana were added to this, the chaos that lasted for days started, and the Movement Army, which came out of Salonika, came to Istanbul and suppressed the riots and said Abdulhamit Han. He extended to his dethronement.
The view of Sultan Abdülhamit to these incidents, initiated by an irregular community and organized by the Committee of Union and Progress, was manifested as "not shedding Muslim blood".
Although Sultan Abdülhamit offered to dissolve the Movement Army with the First Army under his command, he did not accept it. On April 27, 1909, a decision was made for Sultan Abdülhamit Han to be settled in the Parliament.
"Thessaloniki Deputy Jew Emanuel Karaso, Senator Armenian Aram, Draç Deputy Albanian Esad Toptani Pasha and Senator Bahriye Feriki (Vice Admiral) Georgian Arif Hikmet Pasha" were assigned to the communique of the state of the Islamic Caliph and the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid. The fact that none of them is Turkish is enough to show the dark organization about the 31 March Incident and what happened after it.
Rıza Tevfik, one of the philosopher and poet of the period who opposed Sultan Abdülhamit, expressed the state of Abdülhamit as follows in his poem titled Resignation from Sultan Abdülhamit's Spirit:
"When dates mention your name,
He will give you right, o great sultan;
We were the slanderers without shame,
To the most political sultan of the century! "
In the 104th issue of Volkan newspaper (April 14, 1909), in the open letter signed by Vahdetî, II. Derviş Vahdetî was arrested on May 25, 1909, on the grounds that Abdülhamit was invited to establish a neutral cabinet in which there were no Unionists and he provoked the people and the military. Darwish Vahdetî and his twelve friends were executed on July 19, 1909, on the grounds that they caused the 31 March Incident.
In fact, although the Committee of Union and Progress was the main actor in the 31 March Incident, the discontent of the soldiers of the Ahrar Party, the conflicts between the parties, the liberals, the opposition press and the Party of Union of Mohammadi and its President Darwish Vahdetî had separate contributions. However, Darwish Vahdetî suffered the most.


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