Siyami Akyel: "The project of destroying the family"

Siyami Akyel: "The project of destroying the family"
Date: 2.10.2020 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Siyami Akyel writes on family. Here is the full article.

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The point of destruction of a state, of destroying all the values of a nation, of destroying a society is the destruction of the family. As long as the family structure remains intact, the nation cannot be brought to its knees and the state cannot be weakened. For this reason, planned, programmed destruction projects are put into effect for the revocation of the family in the Islamic world. This fact has now been revealed like daylight.
Dozens of projects have been put into effect from past to present in order to destroy and destroy the family. The tools superstitious ideologies have used to denounce the family from ancient times are "cinema, theater and television". The domain of cinema and theater declined after the advent of television. For this reason, the main task in the project of destroying the family is television.
The Istanbul Convention, which was put forward in addition to "cinema, theater and television" in recent years, prepares the legal infrastructure in countries and guarantees immorality by the state. The expressions of "sexual orientation and sexual partners" in the aforementioned contract guarantee deviant orientations, and illegitimate partnerships outside marriage are also under the umbrella of the state under the umbrella of laws. While such perversions are taken under the guarantee of the state on the one hand, on the other hand, destruction projects are processed in the minds through "cinema, theater and television".
Especially in recent years, illegal relationships and deviances have been tried to be legitimized on TV in Turkey. I tried to show a legitimate relationship and heresy are legitimate. From this sentence, "flirting" has been legitimized in a planned manner. In a television series, the daughter of the house has an illegitimate relationship with a man, and when the father reacts to this, different answers are given through the mother. This relationship is legitimized by expressions such as "does anyone have a boyfriend in this age (in this age)?", "We have to trust our child", "his own decision", "he has to learn by living his life". The father's reaction is shown as nobran, rude, oppressive and conservative.
With the perception operation carried out via television, the deception of married people is also legitimized. Relationship of a married man or woman with another person is legitimized under the guise of "love". He is bad when the man cheats on his wife by acting out, and legitimate when he falls in love with another married woman. Here, married couples being together with others under the guise of "love" is tried to be internalized through television.
In television series, this perception is so professional that his father's reaction to a girl who flirts with another man and wakes up in the morning at that man's house is rude and exaggerated, and a married man or woman can be shown as it should be under the guise of love.
The non-professional perception of the movies is experienced in the morning programs. A married couple is put on TV, all their dirty clothes and all their immorality are shown to the public, and the denunciation of the family is ignored for the sake of ratings. In one of these programs, the married woman, who has committed adultery with her neighbor for years, looks in the eyes of her official husband, rejoices that most of them are not from her and can say "Alhamdulillah". Which sea can wash the plague and sin of the person who committed this immorality, the television channel that broadcasts it for the sake of rating and the RTÜK, which does not apply a deterrent punishment...
Moreover, the woman, who is glad that her child who is adultery is not from her official father, is not even aware that if the provisions of the religion she calls "Alhamdulillah" are applied, she will be punished with "stoning".


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