Social habits changing!

Social habits changing!
Date: 19.3.2020 11:00

The coronavirus, which shook the world, directed governments and citizens to e-systems.

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While relations between countries and public transactions were maximized through e-system, e-sales increased by up to 300 percent in the last 3 days. The situation in question caused comments that “the virus changed social habits”.
While the coronavirus (Kovid-19), which emerged in China, turned into a global epidemic, the epidemic directed citizens and administrations to e-systems. While the anxiety occurs in the society after the emergence of the virus, citizens use different ways to take their own measures. While this situation directs governments to e-systems, citizens fulfill their needs through e-commerce. After the effect of the virus in Turkey show the output to the highest level of e-commerce activity on their sites.


The virus also directed country relations to e-systems. The previous day, the summit between President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, German Chancellor Merkel and French President Macron was held by teleconference due to the coronavirus. While the relations between the countries have been transformed into e-system, transactions in the population directorates and hospitals in our country have been increased to the highest levels via the e-system. On the other hand, with this situation, many companies directed their employees to work at home.


Coronavirus unusual occurrence in internet shopping in Turkey has led to mobility. Experts state that there has been an extraordinary density in the last 3 days, especially on websites selling food, websites of cologne brands, e-commerce sites selling hygienic products and medical products. Experts say that in e-commerce, sales of legumes and oil that have not been in vogue until now have increased 10 times. It is stated that there is a growth of up to 300 percent in some items with the aforementioned sales, while it is recorded that the companies have doubled their turnover in the last 3 days. Experts point out that there is a significant increase in demand for e-commerce and that it creates a need for labor. The situation in e-commerce brought with it the comments that “social habits are changing”.


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