Social Security Institution moves more than a quarter of its services to e-Government

Social Security Institution moves more than a quarter of its services to e-Government
Date: 1.11.2022 10:00

Social Security Institution (SGK) transferred 159 of 581 applications to e-Government.

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The "e-Government Gate", which was put into service on December 18, 2008 with the aim of information society, reached 60 million 870 thousand users with 903 institutions and 6 thousand 824 services as of September with its ever-expanding content. In e-Government, which provides citizens with easy access to public services, SGK is one of the institutions that provide the most content. The rate of transferring SGK’s which 159 of its 581 applications transferred to e-Government, services to e-Government became 27.36 percent. In this context, the institution's e-Government applications were clicked an average of 140 million times per month, and the MEDULA application, where citizens' transactions were carried out, received an average of 80 million clicks per month. 


The e-prescription, e-report and e-referral applications belonging to SGK were produced on average 33 million per month, and the drug usage report on average 2 million per month. In addition to these, the e-SGK system was visited 2 million 415 thousand 743 times a year in the digital environment. The most applied applications in SGK over e-Government are "SGK registration and service breakdown/Workplace title list”, “4A service breakdown”, “When can I retire under normal conditions?”, “4A/4B disability payment” and “GSS registration and premium debt inquiry”. With each transaction carried out in the electronic environment, documents, stationery, mail, archive expenses and time are saved, while paper waste is minimized, the protection of the environment is contributed.


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