Someone stop this site administration!

Someone stop this site administration!
Date: 12.2.2021 12:00

The unfair practices of the site management continue in the 1st Stage of Hadımköy KİPTAŞ Houses located in Arnavutköy, Istanbul.

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The court decision could not stop the site management, which we informed the residents of the site for painting and renovation in the past weeks on the grounds that it borrowed between 6,238 TL and 7,797 TL.
It is alleged that the site management did not terminate the painting and renovation works despite the "stop the renovations" decision issued by the citizens living on the site.
Site residents, who previously reacted to unfair debt, now complain about non-compliance with the court order.
Citizens, who are waiting for a permanent solution to their problems, cannot understand the KİPTAŞ management and the indifference of the authorities to the issue.


Bahri Darcan, who told Milli Gazete about the latest developments regarding the site management persecution in Hadımköy KİPTAŞ Houses 1st Stage, "I have been living on this site for years. This site management constantly repeats unfair and unlawful works. We objected to these last painting and renovation works. The court found us right, and the renovation and repair work on the site should be stopped as a result of the injunction issued by the court. However, the site management and the company it has agreed with is still continuing the renovation. Someone has to stop, but nobody is doing anything about it. We were surprised what we were going to do, even the court decision cannot stop them," he said.


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