Specialist Sergeants and Retirees Association: "We want the promises made to be kept"

Specialist Sergeants and Retirees Association: "We want the promises made to be kept"
Date: 3.10.2023 13:00

Ömer Doğan, Chairman of Specialist Sergeants and Retirees Association (TUZED), reminded the parties of their promises to expert sergeants in their election manifestos and election squares, and reiterated their demand for professional assurance.

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"The number of specialist sergeants in the Turkish Armed Forces, exceeding 215 thousand, has been waiting for the promise made by political party leaders for years to be transferred to active duty status. The promise of job security was also left in the air. The heroic specialist sergeants, who are at the forefront of the fight against terrorism and make all kinds of sacrifices, want to get rid of the worry of whether my contract will be extended at the end of the year or not while going to the operation or waiting on duty. Providing professional security to specialist sergeants does not burden even 1 TL to the Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of Turkey or the treasury of the Republic of Turkey. The only expectations and demands of these heroes are to be professionally secure and to look to their future with more confidence," Doğan said.


"Although they were given the right to acquire weapons as permanent fixtures of our state by the law enacted in the Turkish Grand National Assembly in 2021, the Land Forces Command has still not started distributing pistols to specialist sergeants. Apart from this, specialist sergeants work without the 'Appointment Regulation', specialist sergeants do not have the right to benefit from health regulations, social facilities and army centers. Retired personnel receive salaries at the minimum wage level, 90 percent of them cannot benefit from the 3,600 additional indicators because they cannot reach 1 degree, we want retired specialist sergeants to be given a one-time degree. The seniority received by specialist sergeants is not counted as their rank, the time spent in school by specialist sergeants is very short, and the rate of promotion from specialist sergeant to petty officer is very low," Doğan added.
"The problems of our friends who are victims of Law No. 6000 have not been completely solved, and the grievances of our friends who are victims of Law No. 5510 continue. The additional payment given to specialist sergeants is stopped when they get an insured job. We expect our esteemed Minister of National Defense, Yaşar Güler Pasha, and our Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Ali Yerlikaya, to hear our voice and not to remain indifferent to our problems. Specialist sergeants want to be treated decently as members of the Turkish Armed Forces," Doğan said.


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