Sponsored fraud!

Sponsored fraud!
Date: 11.6.2019 11:00

The baseless news and black propaganda which were made against the Saadet Party in the March 31 elections, were re-activated in the renewed June 23 Istanbul elections.

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The social media accounts close to the AKP aim to mislead the citizens by sharing unfounded information that 'the Felicity (Saadet) Party attracted the Istanbul candidate'. In the unfounded shares, it is aimed to give money to social media and to provide more and more false and unreal information with the sponsorship method. The situation was considered as sponsored fraud.
Shortly before the elections of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the land propaganda activities against Saadet Party gained momentum. The slanders against the Saadet Party before the 31 March local elections were re-launched in the 23 June Istanbul elections. 
The baseless and false propaganda studies share false information that the Saadet Party's Istanbul candidate has withdrawn from the election. The same land propaganda work marked the March 31 local elections, while the land propaganda campaign was conducted to ensure that the Saadet Party candidates did not enter the elections.
Shortly before the Istanbul elections, the candidates continue their work in full swing. Candidates are also actively working on social media accounts to reach a wider audience. While all these developments were taking place, the social propaganda project conducted against Necdet Gökçınar, the Saadet Party's mayoral candidate for Istanbul Metropolitan on social media.
In particular, the social media account shared using the name “Felicity Party Announcement Page”, said bu that much of hypocrisy cannot happen. In the social media account supporting AKP candidate Binali Yıldırım, the article titled 'Important announce' amd was stated as 'We as Saadet Party decided to vote for AKP's candidate Binali Yıldırım in 23 June 2019 Istanbul metropolitan municipality elections'. 
Social media accounts in the baseless sharing of sponsorship method is used to pay great fees. Using this method, social media dishonest, aims to deceive citizens with false news in this way.


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