Temel Karamollaoglu: "Country put up for sale"

Temel Karamollaoglu: "Country put up for sale"
Date: 14.3.2019 11:00

Saadet Party leader Karamollaoğlu made important statements about "Asset Fund" and the style of politics at the weekly regular press conference.

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Karamollaoglu, "I condemn Mr. Erdoğan's personal statements. Nevertheless, I still call him my brother and I would like to remind him: Those who believe; Do you need to take shelter behind unreal expressions in a hurry to not lose a vote? I feel and feel sorry for this," he said.
Karamollaoğlu, who started the press conference with the celebration of the 98th anniversary of the National Anthem.
He also condemned the Zionist attack in Al-Aqsa Mosque and continued his speech by emphasizing that this power should not be used to change the agenda in the country and should not make any materials for the election process.
Referring to the attitude and styles of the Republican Alliance during the local election process, Karamollaoğlu, "We would like to see the peace, morality and virtue prevail in this election process. But unfortunately this election was the scene of immorality to be experienced unprecedented in the history of Turkey. The slander, the lie, the threat have become the symbol of this choice. We are witnessing this situation from his government to his media," he said.
Criticizing the zeroing of customs in potato imports, Karamollaoğlu, "We were exporting potatoes once. We import now. If you declare farmers, tradesmen, groceries, marketers as terrorists and traitors, we will not only import potatoes, but also import all kinds of agricultural products in the future," he said.
The question of not allowing permission for the election of Harb-İş, who wanted to protest the taking of the pallet factory to the scope of privatization, said, "This is normal. How can you make a protest to criticize Mr. Erdogan while you are going to the election? Turkey enters the survival of the danger with such a protest," he replied with a form of irony.


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