Temel Karamollaoğlu: "We are on the same way, but they will return!"

Temel Karamollaoğlu: "We are on the same way, but they will return!"
Date: 7.2.2019 15:00

Saadet Party General Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu met with journalists at breakfast in Ankara.

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Saadet Party General Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu met with journalists at breakfast in Ankara. 
Ankara representatives, writers and reporters from newspapers and televisions attended the Press Meeting at the Metropolitan Hotel. 
Reminding that they expressed their understanding of honest municipalities through the election declaration, election slogan and pocketless jacket.
Karamollaoğlu, referring to the spirit discussions in politics, "People who adopted the spirit of 94 remembered it after 25 years? Soul does not come to call the soul. He had to adopt him. It is the spirit principles. Our 11 principles are his embodiment. We're still on the same road, but they say that they will return." he said.
Karamollaoğlu emphasized that there is no fair environment in the elections. 
When the President speaks in a place, all channels are connected. We also need to know where he speaks. If he speaks as president, he has immunity. He speaks as the head of the political party, but when you say something, an investigation is opened for insults. There's a serious injustice here. With regard to election security, after the elections in 1960, the interior minister, the minister of justice and the transport minister would be a person, even under the circumstances of the day, six months before the elections. Later, it began to soften. The Undersecretaries were appointed to the position of minister. Now this is completely up. We're going to the election. The Minister of Interior is making efforts as minister of the AKP. I don't know if our election boards that are independent should act independently but have serious doubts about not being fair.
Karamollaoğlu, who also clarified the themes of Alliance, continued as follows: I repeat clearly and clearly; We do not make alliances, we enter the election everywhere with our own candidates. The previous choice was the general choice. We have introduced this alliance for the 10 percent threshold mainly. We decided that there was no need for such an alliance in the local elections. Alliances in politics do not always give the expected result. Two times two does not always at all four in politics. Sometimes three, sometimes five. We did not get the vote we expected in the general elections. In principle, we are determined to go into elections everywhere. Not necessarily within our own staff, we can show candidates to comply with the principles. We will try to win the election.
Karamollaoğlu also answered the question regarding the claims of 11th President Abdullah Gül and his party for the preparation of the new party. 
These kinds of claims are coming to me. But does it happen or not? I do not know. Any conversation between us and Gul. It happened. After the elections, we never had contact. I do not think that Turkey is a new generation forecast. If there's a quest, we have his addressee. As I mentioned before, our door is open to everyone.


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