Temel Karamollaoglu: Economy to not recover with swap

Temel Karamollaoglu: Economy to not recover with swap
Date: 2.7.2020 16:00

Felicity (Saadet) Party General Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu evaluated the agenda at a press conference.

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Saadet Party leader Temel Karamollaoğlu made evaluations about the agenda at the weekly press conference. 
Reminding that there is chaos all over the world, Karamollaoğlu said, “These are hurting us deeply. The attacks in Karachi, Pakistan, deeply injured us. No matter who terrorism comes from, it is a crime against humanity. The whole human world must stand up to these attacks and take precautions.”
Underlining that the East Turkistan issue cannot be neglected, Karamollaoğlu said, “This is the bleeding wound of both the Turkish and Islamic world and of all humanity. What we are surprised by is the fact that the two parts that seem to support the government from outside and that seem to be in conflict with each other are located next to China. We really have difficulty understanding this. A persecution is under way in China. All of a sudden, the concentration camps in China are shown by someone as if these camps are being built to make them professions and to correct mistakes in their minds. They think the world is stupid and smart. Let's not forget the Chinese government with this attitude, it is with the oppressors in the world. This stain does not fall off China's shoulders. Unfortunately, the government of Turkey sake of resuming relations with China can not find the necessary initiatives in this regard. We have an offer. If China thinks its actions are correct, then an international independent commission should be established and investigated. China is a party here. He always prefers to cover up his own mistakes, not to accept his mistakes. For this reason, we will always curse what has been done to our brothers in Turkistan, and we will voice it until it ends. We will follow this, we want this to be known," he said.


Karamollaoğlu also mentioned the closure of İstanbul Şehir (City) University with the decision of President Erdoğan. 
Karamollaoğlu continued: “As a result of polarization, Şehir University was closed. There is polarization in justice, security, and now in science centers. We look at the old pictures of the opening of Şehir University; President Erdoğan, former President Gül and former Prime Minister Davutoğlu are there. Together, they opened Şehir University to play goodbye. However, there is a political separation between them. They are not afraid to make the traitor stamp, saying you are leaving. A country does not develop like this. A country cannot solve its problems like this. Science does not develop like this.”
"I'm concerned about the future of our country"
Continuing his evaluations on Şehir University, Karamollaoğlu said: “As a result of all these experiences, I am concerned about the future of our country. Because when the persecution begins, it grows like an avalanche. If persecution begins somewhere, it is not possible to wait for a charity there. Do not persecute this nation. Those in management should know that; those who stand before themselves against the ideas they take. Be sure, it is less dangerous than those who take it wrong and cringe. Smackers and distributors generate ideas for the benefit, not for the emergence of the truth. I say this to cringers, not a professor in front of their names, but if you write the realm world, it will not be removed. Nobody respects. I'm telling the power, turn this way. Don't see those who warn you as an adversary.”
Karamollaoğlu said that the loan application of citizens to banks has increased recently, “It seems to be a huge performance for now. An annual interest of 6-7 percent is not a low interest rate. Interest rates are zero in the world. In a place where the interest rates are zero all over the world, do not look at the oddness of 6-7% of the interest of the freak. More than 900 thousand people applied for individual loans. They have not received any credit so far. Why? Suddenly, when such a possibility arises, they think it is free money. But no matter how low its installments look, it will start to be collected tomorrow. But if the citizens' income does not reach a certain level, be sure they cannot pay it. Who will account for tomorrow's account and how? This is unclear. You sentenced the whole nation to interest. Make sure those who use them are not aware. Most strangers are limited-income people. Those who are lending this nation to the banks rudely and convicts will see that the only winner is the banks, this lobby is in the future.”


Criticizing the government's borrowing policy, Karamollaoğlu said, "Today, the problems of borrowing policies will not be felt immediately, but after a few years this nation will not be able to pay its debts. Turkey for a moment before you need to give up our dead from this investment and lending policies. We say it over and over again. Turkey's economic order stood up again with all possible opportunities to allocate the production-oriented investment. There is no other solution to this. If you say which sector is leading, agriculture and food comes first. They still couldn't grasp this truth. Lands that are still not cultivated in agriculture are not cultivated. The farmer is still unsure of the coming year. Taxes on diesel oil, manure, medicine or even seeds increase the prices. He will be sentenced to market conditions again when he comes to selling the product he bought tomorrow. It will be the farmer who suffers again and this country will be together with the farmer. Havsalam does not buy. A ruling will enact a law that at least 1 percent of the national income must be given to the farmer for the development of agriculture at the beginning of his rule. In the next 15 years, he will never abide by it. He will think that he has taken care of the issue by giving half or a third. No friends, no, no," he said.
They are looking for ways to borrow
Reports prepared by many chambers of industry and commerce in our country, if respected. When these reports are respected, it becomes very clear what we need, said Karamollaoğlu and added, "What swap? Search for a way to borrow. It is not production, but not lifting the country's economy. How do we temporarily obtain money? This way ... you can not solve Turkey's problem with it."


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