Temel Karamollaoğlu: There is neither justice nor development

Temel Karamollaoğlu: There is neither justice nor development
Date: 21.1.2019 11:00

Saadet Party General Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu made important observations at the provincial council meeting in Denizli.

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Turkey is going through a period of struggles, expressing Karamollaoğlu, "They do not know how to get out of power resulting from the economic crisis. Friends left us. They have a party. They put the name of the party they founded on 'justice and development'. There is neither justice nor development in the country now." he said.
Saadet Party General Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu continues his country trips without stopping. Shortly before the local elections, Karamollaoğlu held important contacts in Denizli, the locomotive city of Aegean Region. Karamollaoğlu, here by participating in his party's provincial council meeting, made important explanations about the agenda. Şerafettin Kılıç and İsmail Hakkı Akkiraz, the deputy chairmen of the Saadet Party, accompanied Karamollaoğlu. In the last part of the meeting, Karamollaoğlu announced the nominees for the mayor of the districts.
Karamollaoğlu, "Unemployment is increasing day by day. Unfortunately, these friends could not solve the problems of our country. Inflation has no limits. There is a Saadet Party which correctly identifies the country problem. Just because you like us does not solve the problem of the country. You will come to solve the problems of the country and put your hands together with us. Problems cannot be solved if they are not provided to the business. We have shown our nation how we solved the problems of the country before," he said.
Karamollaoğlu, February 28, and the persecution of those who revealed in the time of the AK Party, revealing that those who persecuted, said: "You have revealed the AK Party. They have to accept their mistakes. The AK Party was built on their mistakes. AK Party also came with emphasis on justice. But now, they say, "we are justice." We know the problems of this country. We tell the truths and facts. You can't solve the problems of this country before we go the way we go. These folks will wake up. We have a lot of responsibility. National Opinionists and Saadet Party members never get despair. No one despaired, we say there is a cure. The people in power today see themselves as allies of the allies outside the country. You're increasing separatism in the country. The word out of your mouth shows you. We will not eat and eat when we come to power." he added.
Karamollaoğlu stated that they will make a serious move in the local elections and said, "We must convince those who did not vote for the Saadet Party so far. We will not allow corruption. We will make all auctions transparent. The state will be supervised. An understanding that says no waste of respect leads the country to the abyss. The education system has become a complete rush. Well, we can't raise a man. You will be in power for 17 years and you will not be able to put education into practice. There can be no such power," he said.


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