Temel Karamollaoğlu: We need brotherhood, justice and production

Temel Karamollaoğlu: We need brotherhood, justice and production
Date: 7.11.2019 13:00

Felicity (Saadet) Party General Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu, participated in a television program made important calls.

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Saadet Party General Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu was the guest of İsmail Küçükkaya's 'Alarm Clock' program on FOX TV. 
Karamollaoğlu made important evaluations on Felicity Party's 7th Ordinary Grand Congress and other issues related to the agenda.


Turkey's right about the matter, the most accurate assessment Karamollaoğlu beginning to wish they came bringing the beginning of the party who made recommendations, "According to the message we give today's problems at the Congress, we opened the basis of our 50 years of political life. Justice was always our principle. Today, however, we are putting more emphasis on the problems of justice. We were against polarization and polarization every term. But today, as this polarization deepens, we put more emphasis on this."
Karamollaoğlu, given the ongoing congressional and public opinion echoes the messages were listed under the following headings: "We need a civic fraternal Turkey. We need to allocate resources to production, not to show off. We need driving license and merit. We need a transparent understanding that does not betray custody. We need not to allow polarization. We need to adopt the principle of separation of powers. We need an economic understanding that produces and distributes fairly, and ensures justice in tax. We need to produce policies that are not focused on rent, but people-oriented."


Karamollaoğlu continued his evaluations with the other prominent topics of the agenda, interpreting the eviction decision given to Nazlı Ilıcak, Ahmet Altan and Mehmet Altan as a late decision, and said, "I personally may not agree with his ideas at any point, but these 3 people are very comfortable with their ideas. people who somehow make public, I've never witnessed violence. Of course, Nazlı has another feature. We worked as a member of parliament with Mrs. Nazlı. She was elected as a member of parliament from our party. It is good news that they were released, although this decision was delayed. They have already been punished for quite some time. I wish them a better and peaceful life in their future lives. It seems to me to be a bit late, but I welcome them to be released."
Not everyone can do what this government does (!)
Karamollaoğlu, TURKSTAT 8.55 percent of the question about the inflation figure announced, "I congratulate the government. They did a job that couldn't be done anywhere. As it is being calculated, they have now created a gap between inflation and hikes to fulfill the morale of citizens. The price hike no longer affects inflation. This is not something everyone can do."


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and US President Donald Trump on November 13 to discuss whether they will come together or not, Karamollaoğlu, "I think it would be more appropriate not to interview. Because it is necessary for us to take a stand against Trump's attitude. However, the real issue is not going to go well, taken up again in Turkey's foreign policy is to build on new foundations," he said.


Commenting on the statement of the Supreme Advisory Council of the Presidency, Bülent Arınç, the Decree Laws (KHK) statement which gathered a great reaction from the AKP wing, Karamollaoğlu said, "What is meant by the KHK is to focus on it. There was a July 15 coup attempt. In such a case, the government may be given the authority to temporarily convene the convicted persons. However, this is given for a short period. But when this time prolongs, it starts to express a different meaning. Because the decree law on the name. It is not a law that has been debated in Parliament. If KHKs continue like this, justice will disappear. This is something we don't want. Because what you call justice should be concrete, not imagination."


Karamollaoğlu pointed out that there is a big rent in the field of zoning in Istanbul and said: "They do not want to miss this rent. However, the government forgets that; citizen sees behind the scenes. We see this in the attitude after the renewal of the March 31 elections. Now if you come here and take the authority from the hands of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB), even if your intention to get different citizens do not listen to it," he said.


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