The attack on Islam went unpunished

The attack on Islam went unpunished
Date: 27.11.2019 12:00

The disgusting attack on our Islamic values by two Turkish employees working at the Consulate of the United States in Adana, which ended up like a cancerous urine in our lands, was left unpunished.

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In a video they shot, two provocateur aggressors, who were filming disgusting insults against our supreme religion Islam, were detained on complaints, but were released after the police operations. 
Reactions against the impunity of these American feedings, which insult the religious values ​​of the people, are rising.
In the province of Adana, where the US Consulate General and the Airbase are located, two US consulate employees made fun of the sacred values ​​of our supreme religion, Islam, during the superstitious celebration called Halloween. The photo of Kaaba, water of Zamzam, Mecca and the images of seduction where the blessed clothes of our beloved Prophet were made were shared on social media. Upon the spread of the images in a short time, the complaints intensified and two aggressive police units, one woman, were detained. 2 suspects, who have been investigated for inciting hatred and enmity or humiliation, were released after their statements. The release of the attackers who tried to insult our religious values ​​soon became offensive to the sensitivity of Muslims.


Enes Beyaz, the head of the Adana Youth Association (AGD) Adana Branch, evaluating the development of the scandal in the National Newspaper, "We have recently regretted the insults of the US consulate in Adana on social media. In today's world where everything is protected by law, we have seen that there is no sanction for making fun of this nation's belief and insulting its values. The release of those involved was deeply hurt by public conscience."


Reminding that this attack is not the first US attack on our values, Beyaz said, "We know this Zionist germ well. The reason for the existence of these racist imperialists is their enmity with us. The reason for this hostile attitude is that we have no voice against all these insults. The latest incident has shown that the attacks on our beliefs, values ​​and culture are unfortunately unanswered. We, the Anatolian Youth Association, want to close the US Consulate and Incirlik Base in Adana in this beautiful city. This is the only way to protect our values".


The Association of Religious Officials (DİN-BİR-DER) Adana Branch President Emrullah Sarman said, "These provocators, who sent people to hatred and enmity, mocked the beliefs of a large part of the society, were detained and questioned and released after being questioned. These people who aroused the nation and attacked our sacred values ​​openly committed crimes through social media. Therefore, the employees of the US Consulate who committed this crime should receive the punishment they deserve."
Releasing the provocateurs will pave the way for new attacks on our religious values, Sarman said. These provocations should never be allowed. Insulting Islam cannot be considered within the scope of freedom of thought and expression. Already in existing laws, insulting religion is a crime. The impunity and liberation of those who insult Islam is unacceptable. As DİN-BİR-DER, we will follow the issue," he added.


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