The bad examples are normalizing

The bad examples are normalizing
Date: 18.12.2019 12:00

While no steps have been taken regarding daytime programs that have impacted our social morality, the authorities are just watching the disgrace. "The bad examples are normalizing with these programs," experts said.

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Live broadcasts describe how the murder took place in front of millions of viewers, immoral relationships are clearly explained, and moreover, a citizen learns whether or not his children belong to him in the DNA reports. While social morality and development are almost no blow to the aforementioned programs, the authorities are just watching this disgrace. Clinical Psychologist / Family Counselor İrem Oturaklıoğlu and Social Development and Communication Specialist Gurbet Altay talked to our newspaper and agreed that these programs were normalized with mistakes.


Clinical Psychologist / Family Counselor İrem Oturaklıoğlu, "Deceptions, lies, frauds, accusations are published in many daytime programs, but the way families talk to each other, the way they express each other, constitutes the wrong example. Here too, the wrong examples are normalized and accepted by society. That's the part that worries us. As a clinical psychologist, I witness many different lives in my adult and couples sessions. In the show, what a nice surprise he had for his wife. My wife doesn't look at me like that or something, I come across a lot of complaints. While the impact of the media on watching scenes that he knows is fiction in human psychology is great, I do not find it true to reflect all the details of real life in daytime programs."


Stating that social disorders can only be improved by education, Oturaklıoğlu said.
"School is not the only place of education. The family is a place of education, the media is a place of education. How much value education is given to the child in the family life, how much does he know how to use his spare time? If we can orient the child at the point of curiosity, create a list of the child's life goals, the child will not numb his brain from the programs. In the same way, families, what is their own life goals, what they do, the publications followed by what kind of gain to them, they should pursue it and act accordingly. In fact, these programs are not only a waste of time, the person loses the most. Therefore, we, as experts, do not recommend that you should not be lost from yourself, your family or your life," she added.
Social Development and Communication Specialist Gurbet Altay said, "There are negative examples in the programs, not positive ones. This makes mistakes, bad behavior normal. Thus, the incidents of murder and violence in the society increase. If you want to disrupt a society, you can just pretend that bad behavior is normal in public places. Bad events lead to changes in perspective. Especially for adolescents, speaking of these bad events in the middle of the world will cause them to think as usual and thus the destruction of the fictitious event. Essentially, I would like to give advice to the elders of the state rather than families and society. A program should not be published without consulting experts. This should be a state broadcasting rule. Thank you for addressing a socially important issue."


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