The concerns of the citizens; Prices!

The concerns of the citizens; Prices!
Date: 19.12.2018 14:00

The Milli Gazete appeared on the markets ... We listened the concerns of both the citizens and the market tradesmen.

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Market shopkeepers complain that their products are kept on the bench as a result of the decrease in the purchasing power of the citizen, and citizens go home without filling their bags due to the increased cost of living. Stating that even the most basic foodstuffs have become almost luxury for the citizen, the market shopkeepers say that people have recently bought products with weight, not with grain. Citizens complain about costly. As it is, the market is a market for tradesmen.
The market tradesman, who said that the buying power decreased due to the increasing inflation of the citizens, suffered from the fact that more than half of the products he put on the bench for sale remained on the counter. Market tradesmen said that even the most basic foodstuffs have become almost luxury for the citizen. Recently, we see a decrease in the number of citizens shopping with weight. For example, a couple of pounds of tomatoes, the citizen, giving up another product. Or both products over weight, not by taking over the grain, he said, returning home from the market without fully filling the bags.
The citizens we talked about in the market complain that everything is a fire. Citizens, who noted that market purchases have decreased by more than half compared to the previous years, said, we have no power to buy. Bazaar citizens stating that they are trying to make a living with minimum wages, we passed ourselves, we think about our children. But the wages below the hunger limit are not enough. The salary is raised, the next day the product comes to hike. The amount of money given to us before entering our pocket becomes steam.
Stating that the economic challenge of the citizen now directly affects them, the market tradesmen said, The citizen is coming and looking back at the prices. When they say prices are very high, we can't find anything to say. We regret that the citizen can't shop. When they can't get this time, we can't make money, we don't get bread in our house. They can not find a cure for inflation can be saved from the citizen. The market usually comes with low wage and low income. Their condition is very bad. That is why we want to be 3 thousand pounds of minimum wage as a marketers traders. So they both go to their full house with their hands full. 


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