The control of the F-35 in the hands of Israel

The control of the F-35 in the hands of Israel
Date: 9.7.2019 14:00

Israel also has privileges in the maintenance, repair and spare parts production of F-35 aircraft.

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Israel uses the F-35I Adirs, designed specifically for itself, in its attacks on Syria and Gaza in the Eastern Mediterranean and in gathering intelligence against Iran.


Since 2002, Turkey also is located within the project, 1.25 billion dollars in payments we made F-35 during this period is one year more than the delivery period edilmezken to Ankara earlier than the case of producers which already take place among manufacturers with these aircraft Israel started operations in the region with the F-35I Adirs, which were produced specially for him and express a revolution...


Turkey, F-35, let alone to wait, even without Israel between manufacturers, custom-designed F-35 Adira for itself, carried out against Syria and Gaza in the Eastern Mediterranean using intelligence-gathering against and Iran operation. The Tel Aviv management, which previously had F-35s from the producer countries, has designed the F-35s according to itself and adds new features. F-35 to come to Turkey, so as to record inventory received necessary training, "AREA AT ISRAEL" in our region with the F-35 Adira will be gotten by far the air superiority.


Israel also has the privileges of maintenance, repair and spare parts production. These privileges do not exist even in countries that are among the producers of the project. Thanks to an agreement signed with the Israeli manufacturer Lockheed Martin, it has a large number of savings on the aircraft. For example, Tel Aviv continues to develop devices such as two different sets of external fuel tanks to expand the range of the F-35. Israel is also engaged in intensive activities for the integration of F-35I Adirs, which are specially manufactured for them, into fleets. The F-35I Adir’s have unique capabilities and these planes represent a milestone for the countries in the region. With the F-35I Adir, Israel raises the bar to a very high level in our region. These planes will also carry bombs that Israel has produced specially for itself.


The Israeli Air Force recently conducted an extensive exercise involving all air force units. F-35I took part in the exercise Adir'ler, already the main purpose of the drill was the aircraft. Israel is also shaping the IDF and other combat devices according to the F-35I Adir. These planes changed Israel's concept of war in the region. The software of the F-35I Adirs, which is not captured by the S-300 and S-400, is also highly advanced. Israel began to use these planes effectively in Lebanon, in the Eastern Mediterranean, Syria and Gaza. Considering the fact that these aircraft were delivered to Israel in 2016, the distance covered by Israel is better understood.


* How do Israel buy these planes before them, while Israeli countries are trained first?
* Why isn't Israel's privileges with the exclusive agreement signed with Loockhed Martin recognized in other countries?
* Why didn't Israel take place among the producer partners of this project? In this project, which was carried out with the money given by 9 countries, did Israel not put a penny out of its pocket and put the “burden in“ cost “on these countries?
* Outside the US, these aircraft have maintenance and repair authority only in Israel. Turkey After receiving the F-35 will make the maintenance of these aircraft compulsory in Israel.


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