The domestic health sector being punished in Turkey

The domestic health sector being punished in Turkey
Date: 15.8.2021 15:00

Companies that sell medical and medical devices to public and university hospitals have been waiting for their receivables to be paid for a long time.

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The economic problems of companies that supply medical products to public hospitals still continue.
On October 4, 2020, the Ministry of Treasury and Finance imposed a requirement for companies to waive 25 percent of their receivables until that day.
After the pressure to waive the companies by the Ministry, some medical companies agreed to waive and received their debts up to that date in two installments, 25 percent less.
However, in the 10-month period after the waiver crisis, new purchases made by the public were not paid.


Underlining that the public uses the sector for short-term purchasing through the State Supply Office, Delikanlı said, "Those who do not waive, or rather cannot, have not been able to collect for 19 months. The debt remaining from 9 billion TL State Supply Office, 4 billion TL from public hospitals and 2 billion TL from university hospitals is stubbornly not paid. Or monthly payments are made, but the amount paid is not even enough for salaries. In other words, the square is now up to companies affiliated with the Americans they are angry with. Supply is limited, supply is difficult, but it is not reflected in the press. Debt interests have accumulated in the sector, new products cannot be put on the shelves, investments have stopped, there is export demand, there is no money to buy raw materials."


Erkin Delikanlı, Vice President of All Medical Device Manufacturer and Supplier Associations Federation (TÜMDEF), stated that companies that have waived since October will have a 10-month receivable, and companies that have not waived a receivable of 19 months, noting that some of the companies in the sector have compelled to accept the waiver, "The sector, which compelledly accepted the process in order to be able to make credit, salary, tax payments in the face of the conditions and to support the fight against the pandemic, is again a creditor as it was before the waiver. In the 10-month period since October, the public did not pay a penny for new purchases and the receivable increased to 15 billion TL," he said.


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