The employment problem of dietitians is on the agenda of the Parliament

The employment problem of dietitians is on the agenda of the Parliament
Date: 6.2.2023 11:00

Saadet Party Deputy Abdulkadir Karaduman asked Health Minister Fahrettin Koca about the employment problem of dietitians.

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Saadet Party Konya Deputy and Head of Youth Branch Abdulkadir Karaduman brought the employment problem of dietitians to the agenda of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.
Karaduman, who submitted a question to the Presidency of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey with the request of Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, stated that the employment problem of dietitians should be resolved as soon as possible.


Expressing that black smoke is a serious disease caused by obesity, unconscious, unbalanced and malnutrition.
"Against this threat, which directly concerns public health, it is essential to carry out regulations and inspections regarding unconscious eating habits throughout our country. In this respect, it is important to employ dietitians in areas such as hospitals, schools, public buildings, student dormitories, where there are mass feedings. We are curious about the measures taken against obesity, which is predicted to be a worldwide disease in the coming years, and the approach of your Ministry regarding the issue," Karaduman said.


Karaduman then asked the following questions to Health Minister Koca;
"What is the total number of dietitians working in public hospitals across our country? What is the total number of new dietitians employed in the last year? Do you have any work on making it compulsory to assign a dietitian in order to ensure adequate and balanced nutrition in the kitchens of hospital kitchens, credit dormitories, kindergartens and universities where there is mass nutrition? What are the studies you have carried out in order to establish conscious eating habits and to raise awareness about obesity throughout our country? What are your joint studies with these institutions on the employment of dietitians in ministries and public institutions and organizations?"


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