The first rule is respect

The first rule is respect
Date: 25.3.2020 11:00

After appearing Coronavirus cases in Turkey, eyes turned into our elderly citizens.

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From the very first moment, the last curfew was declared for the elderly, who are said to have to protect themselves. Disinfection, which has been happening on television channels and social media for days, put the elderly on the target board. Unscrupulous comments and disrespect towards our elderly citizens peaked.
Since the first day, the fact that the elderly are in the risk group has not been fully explained. Members of the press asked unpleasant questions to the elderly he found by walking street by street, young grandparents, grandmothers made disrespectful speeches to the citizens of the ages, and finally the elderly were put on the target board of the coronavirus. Ugly, disrespectful comments have increased in social media for our elderly who have succumbed to the disease because of their low body resistance and who are in the risk group. Some people who mocked the elderly were arrested.
Ihsan, an elderly citizen living alone in Ankara, went out on the street because he had to go to the hospital. The old man, whose drivers did not take the bus due to the ban, went to his house and encountered the harassment of M.T.E., who introduced himself as a police officer. The young man who made fun of telling the old man, "Normally we have to punish, we forgive you this time," shared the video of the incident from his social media account. After the video's spread, thousands of citizens react to the irreverent movements of the youth, while M.T.E. was detained.
Together with all of this in Turkey it does not have the good stuff. Raised on the principle of morality and spirituality, young people rush to the aid of the elderly. Youth branches of many political parties, especially Saadet Party, serve by determining the needs of the elderly in their region. On the other hand, the police and the police meet the needs of the elderly.
Press members also attended the witch hunt for the elderly. Correspondents who searched the elderly for days without knowing the truth or wrong, put the elderly on the target board. Reporters who asked sarcastic questions to elderly citizens, whom we did not know what was going on at home and many of them had to go out, made the plane trees of our society mocked.


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