The Hagia Sophia trial in the Council of State ended! Awaiting decision

The Hagia Sophia trial in the Council of State ended! Awaiting decision
Date: 2.7.2020 15:00

The trial on the opening of Hagia Sophia for worship in the Council of State has ended. The decision is expected to be announced.

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The Council of State discussed the case about whether Hagia Sophia to be opened for worship or stay as museum. The Council of State will announce the Hagia Sophia decision in writing within 15 days.


There is no need for a court order to open the Hagia Sophia as a mosque, which was converted into a museum with the decision of the Council of Ministers in 1934. After the conquest of İznik by Orhan Ghazi, Hagia Sophia which was used as a museum for a long time, has been used as a mosque since 2011 with the demand of the Directorate of Religious Affairs, 'becomes' of the General Directorate of Foundations.


The following statements are included in the foundation published by Fatih Sultan Mehmet regarding the Hagia Sophia Mosque, which he devoted Muslims after paying his own money after conquering Istanbul and opening his doors to Islam:
"Whoever changes one of the conditions of this foundation for bad reasons, superstitions and superstition that does not go beyond gossip; strives for the notification and cancellation of the foundation; If he means the disappearance of the foundation or its transformation into a purpose other than its purpose and purpose, he briefly processes one of the superstitions or records such savings in written records and books that are completely invalid and if he annexes such unjust transactions to his accounts of lies, he clearly has committed a great haram. May the curse of God, angels and all the people be upon them. Let them stay in Hell forever, never relieve their torment and have no mercy for them. Whoever changes them after hearing and seeing them, may the plague and sin be upon those who change it. There is no doubt that Allah hears everything and knows everything."


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