The increase in currency hit the health: Operations stopped!

The increase in currency hit the health: Operations stopped!
Date: 4.8.2023 14:00

It was claimed that some surgeries, especially traumatological surgeries, could not be performed in the newly built Etlik and Bilkent City hospitals in Ankara due to a "supply problem".

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The unstoppable increase in exchange rates right after the elections continues to affect every aspect of life.
While the events also affected the health field, it was claimed that some surgeries could not be performed in the newly built Etlik and Bilkent City hospitals in Ankara.
Democrat Party Ankara Provincial Chairman Erkin Delikanlı stated that the surgeries could not be performed. He noted that the patients had to wait for their surgeries due to supply problems in the emergency services.
Arguing that the surgeries could not be performed, Delikanlı noted that the problems experienced in the supply of medical supplies were caused by foreign exchange.
"Current economic conditions, the point of the exchange rate. In addition to these, patients in the emergency room are still waiting for surgery, as companies have a supply problem. At the moment, patients' relatives also come face to face with doctors, as the ministry is trying to buy supplies at old prices," Delikanlı said.


Drawing attention to the increase in the exchange rate due to the poor management of the economy, Delikanlı noted that the sectors dependent on imports are in a difficult situation in the face of this situation.
"The medical device industry is dependent on imports for raw materials, which puts the representatives of the domestic industry in a difficult position. Global companies, on the other hand, shape the market in our country according to their own conditions. When the prices are insufficient, the domestic representatives of the sector are in trouble, and they cannot compete against global companies with valuable money. The supply problem arises," Delikanlı added.
Drawing attention to the fact that patients became victims with the occurrence of supply problems, Delikanlı stated that sector representatives were indebted.
"Foreign exchange rates in raw materials and products affect domestic producers. The government delays payments to these companies. In addition, austerity measures do more harm. The sector is first borrowed by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and the Ministry of Industry, and then it is dragged into bankruptcy. While the Palace mentality, with a daily expenditure of 24 million talking about savings, does not save on its reputation, it does the public health problem with its own hands by directing savings on a subject such as health or not paying companies," Delikanlı stated.


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