The independence of Northern Cyprus in danger

The independence of Northern Cyprus in danger
Date: 19.7.2022 12:30

Milli Gazete, with its news for months, warns that Israel has invaded Northern Cyprus step by step through the Zionists and local collaborators who have been made TRNC citizens.

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The Zionists, who acquired land through nearly 2,000 companies they bought, have purchased around 25,000 acres of land in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).
While there is concern that Cyprus will become a part of the "Greater Israel Project" if the land sale in Cyprus is not prevented, many TRNC patriots are trying to stand up to this danger.
TRNC citizen H.K., who works to prevent the TRNC from being a part of Zionism. He made striking statements to our newspaper.
Noting that the independence of the TRNC is in danger, H.K. said that the authorities could not fight the danger of Zionism.
"Until today, it has been said that 'TRNC should not be Palestine' and it was stated that a struggle should be waged against the Zionists. I must say this with great pain that Cyprus is very close to Palestine. If the necessary struggle against the necessary Zionists is not started as soon as possible, I am afraid that Cyprus will share the same fate as Palestine," he said.


Making a statement to the Milli Gazete, TRNC citizen H.K. said that the TRNC government has a historical duty to face the danger of Zionism in the country. Expressing that the TRNC government should take concrete steps in order to prevent the Zionist occupation in Cyprus as soon as possible, H.K.
"The people of TRNC have become very conscious in the last period. The news of the Milli Gazete was very effective here. The people of the TRNC became aware of the Zionists' ambitions here. The government also needs to take effective steps now. The Zionist occupation in the TRNC must be prevented by the steps to be taken by the government," he added.


There is another terrifying dimension to the serious purchase of land by the Jews in Cyprus. Accordingly, while many Jews were granted TRNC citizenship in 2014, these people also buy land. Since these people are TRNC citizens, they can buy any amount of land they want, but this situation is seen as a part of the occupation. The lands of Cyprus are within the borders of Israel's Arz-ı Mev'ud dreams. In this direction, Cyprus, which Israel wants to dominate, is in danger of becoming a part of "Greater Israel". It is vital to prevent Jews from buying land in Cyprus.


According to TRNC company records, Israeli individuals have purchased a significant amount of land in Cyprus. The sources reached by the Milli Gazete state that there are Israeli shareholders of approximately 2,000 companies in the TRNC, and it is stated that the land purchased so far is 25 thousand acres.
It is also stated that most of the lands purchased by the Israeli regime, which has quietly occupied Cyprus step by step, are agricultural lands. Karpaz is one of the areas where Jews buy land in Cyprus. It is known that an article published in Forbes magazine recently mentioned the advantages of buying land in the Karpaz.
On the other hand, Lefke is among the areas where Jews buy land. It is stated that the Jews bought two thousand decares of land in Lefke, and regions such as Gaziveren, Cengizköy, Bağlıköy and Çamlıköy are also among the targets.


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