The legendary story of the Anatolian Youth Association

The legendary story of the Anatolian Youth Association
Date: 8.10.2019 15:15

Erbakan Hodja gave great importance to youth and to educating people. Ideally, it was to raise a youth that preceded morality and spirituality.

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Erbakan Hodja gave great importance to youth and to educating people. Ideally, it was to raise a youth that preceded morality and spirituality. In 1969, after starting the National Opinion movement and forming the cadres to support the case, he founded the National Youth Foundation as the first job: 29 May 1975. it symbolizes action that changes the course of history.

In a period of spiritual wasteland, the message of the MGV was met with great pleasure in a short time. Nevzat Lâleli carried the flag with 17 years of honor. With measures of “The young is the one who can sacrifice for his-her ideal” "Young ornament is beautiful morality" measures, such as those who are thirsty for spirituality found their identity in MGV. A deep-rooted consciousness of history has emerged with the Fatah and Canakkale programs. The voice of the MGV reached every and almost every district.

On the most pressured days of February 28, the late Adnan Demirturk took over the flag. He started the period of "Unity of Destiny ” “Heartfelt mobilization”; "Working with a great taste". At a time when civilian organizations were withdrawn from the market, they started to work like a hero, saying, "We are there." He trained cadres to guide youth.

Demirturk understood the need to raise a generation to build the future: "If you think about a year from now; sow seeds. If you think 10 years later; plant seedlings. If you think 100 years later; educate people.

He always wanted the “leader" who would raise national youth to run ahead: "if leader works like flying; the organization will work as running; If leader runs like running, the organization works like walking. If leader works like he walks, his organization stops. If the leader stops, his organization dies.”


After ADNAN Demirturk passed away in a traffic accident, Ilyas Tonguc was elected as “leader“. During his period, the Quran feast programs in arenas; activities to bring Quran copies to each house came to the fore. When the MGV was closed down in 2005 by a court decision, the Anatolian Youth Association (AGD) was established to pursue the same mission.

Those who are interested in raising faithful generations know the meaning of MGV structuring very well. The late Enver Baytan Hodja known for his knowledge and ethichs in our century describes Erbakan Hodja’s struggle to raise a youth: “If they had asked me for who has made the greatest duty for youth among the leaders, I would say Erbakan. Because he established the National Youth Foundation and made the  biggest duty. Erbakan has established the National Youth Foundation! If he hadn't done something else, that would have been enough for him. ”(Anadolu Genclik Magazine, Aslan Ates, Issue 204; Pg. 64)

"National youth march", where Erbakan Hodja burned its torch, has always been developed since 1975. For 8 years, our President Salih Turhan has shouldered the case. The most important feature of the AGD is the fact that it does not give up the hand it holds, it does not compromise its stance, its loyalty... The obstacles could not intimidate it; worlds could not deceive; The ambition of authority and position did not enter their hearts. They totally hugged their case.

Behold, Kuru Kadı who is the head of Omar Seyfettin’s story of the martyr who doesn't give his head says to the Sultan; every time he wanted to reward his heroism by giving authority, position and money "A mortal body only needs shroud!" I always remember this when I see AGD people.


AGD has been organizing Siyer-i Nebi Competition in high school and secondary schools for 5 years in agreement with the Ministry of National Education. The registration period of the Inter-High School Siyer-i Nebi Competition has started. It will last until November 15th. The award date of the competition is 15 December 2019. Interested parties may contact the provincial and district organizations of AGD. For online registration:

Isn't that a beautiful contest? With the approval of MEB(Ministry of National Education) you can direct students to get to know the Lord of the Universal. Competition, will be from the book of Dr. Munir Muhammad Gadban, "Brotherhood Invitation, Hz. Muhammed s.a.s.”. Extensive information can be obtained from the website and AGD representatives.

We are so dependent on the message of our Lord (s.a.v.) that precedes love, peace, brotherhood, compassion and mercy! President Salih Turhan describes the responsibilities of society in the face of the spiritual depression: "In a small district, 3 suicides occurred in a week. Fire surrounded us all. The competition aims to create the love of our Lord (s.a.v.) in the heart of youth.”

If you knew the great love they have for the youth and humanity in the AGD cadres! They want to create a world of peace and without waiting presents for the world. They're only thinking of account day. Because man is entrusted to man.

Salih Turhan says, "We talk and meet with everyone, We are the trustees of this case not the owners."

A self-sacrificing organization like AGD is a spiritual insurance for our future. The guarantee of Turkey. The thrill of their legendary cause has never faded. How great to live that mortal life for the sake of the divine values!

(Şakir Tarım - Milli Gazete)


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